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More than 100 workflow applications, across all areas of the business led to significant improvements in efficiency. The workflows are highly secure and very intuitive to use.

Progressive Web Applications

PWA gives us the ability to create a mobile app that is installed on devices directly from websites and built using a team of web developers.

Pekao24 online banking

Design of a new transactional website as part of the bank’s Digital Transformation process. Omni-channel platform that provides the same user experience on all devices.

Carrefour Marketplace

Sales platform merging two separate sites (e-commerce and brick and mortar shops) into one coherent platform, allowing sales both of Carrefour products and its partners.

Leroy Merlin App

Mobile eCommerce with an omnichannel approach. Allowing to search more than 70,000 products and buy directly from a mobile phone as well as to check the availability of products in specific locations and navigate through the shop.