Fabrity teams up with Webcon

Fabrity and Webcon will work together to deliver low-code business applications for clients in Europe. 

Fabrity has a long history of building Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions; including Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Recently an increasing interest in rapid application development can be observed. This need for efficiency in app building and deployment is a recognizable trend strongly connected with so-called citizen development. Companies expect to get tools allowing business users (rather than developers) to build applications. Leading BPA providers such as K2, Nintex, and UiPath whose solution we implement in critical business areas in companies across Europe deliver outstanding low-code solutions, but still requiring a more technical approach to successfully deliver projects. Introducing Webcon to our offer allows us to fill the gap left by other providers and address projects of any scale. 

We are looking at Webcon for some time now and we see the continuous development of their product manifested by introducing new functionalities. We also appreciate the kind of relationship they have with their loyal clients – that indicates that we have the same business values so the partnership is something of the natural consequence.” 

Tomasz Burczyński 
CEO, Fabrity 


Webcon is the manufacturer of the enterprise low-code business process automation solution – Webcon Business Process Suite (BPS). The suite is designed as a process-centric tool for workflow digitalization. This comprehensive and scalable solution is a great framework for digital transformation allowing us to deliver the solution cost-effectively.

Webcon’s team is built of professionals devoted to product development which results in joining the world top league in workflow automation, which can be seen in the constant increase of users since 2010. Webcon introduced a number of a unique solution to its platform like InstantCheange™ technology allowing to easily adjust workflows in case of emerging business needs.

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