Design-Driven Innovation


We help our clients to create innovations and we transform ideas into reality.

The innovation is often identified with new technology. Most of the innovative projects however is not based on revolutionary technological solutions. The innovation is often about changing the meaning of what a product or a service is and what it offers its users. This is the core of design.

Prototyping innovations

In order to assess the potential of innovative ideas they have to be made real first. This is the role of prototyping. Sooner or later you will need some kind of prototype to be able to decide whether an idea proves true, to be able to sell it in your organization, convince the management board, test the product-market fit or carry out feasibility analysis.

How it works?

  • You brief us to create the concept of a product or a service, based on your goals and assumptions (or we can create it together, i.e. by Design Sprint.)
  • We can assign more than one team of designers if necessary to work independently on the same problem. With use of parallel designing we can create different solutions.
  • We determine what level and scope of the prototype will be sufficient. The prototype can be of different forms: static mock-ups, videos, interactive simulations on computers or mobile phones.
  • All possible further works on the projects will be decided based on the prototype.



We can prepare analysis of market trends in your industry sector, related sectors or other sectors that may prove inspiring for your business. It is not a competitive analysis, it goes beyond it. We are looking for untypical business models, interesting solutions at a product level, interface, customer experience, use of technology. All these can help us to present interesting options of possible innovations — that may contribute to improvements in existing products and services or contribute to creation of new ones.


Design-Driven Innovation Strategy

We often have too many ideas — the problem is to pick the best direction to move. We help our clients to create the right strategy of innovation.

Design-Driven Innovation is the process of creating and selecting innovative business solutions based on Robert Verganti method — the professor of Management and Innovation of Politecnico di Milano. The program lasts a few months (but it does not require everyday engagement) and include both individual work and workshops with participation of few dozens of company’s employees, from different departments preferably, that mainly hold managerial positions. The program helps to find out one or more strategic directions to develop.

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