As one of the top three companies in the industry, dormakaba is the trusted partner for products, solutions and services for access to buildings and rooms from a single source. With strong brands such as Dorma, Kaba and Best in its portfolio, the company and its numerous cooperation partners are represented in over 130 countries worldwide. dormakaba is listed at the SIX Swiss exchange, is headquartered in Rümlang (Zurich/Switzerland) and generated a turnover of over CHF 2.5 billion with approx. 15,000 employees in financial year 2019/20.



Key point

Master data approval application, based on the K2 platform.


Back in 2017, dormakaba acquired a company in the North American market, which was using a legacy solution for SAP master data approval. The application was built on proprietary technology and provided by the previous holder of the company. Due to the merger with dormakaba, a new replacement solution had to be introduced in a short time to ensure continuity in the SAP master data area.

It was decided to build a new solution based on state-of-the-art technology. One of the main requirements was to develop a lightweight, performant, and easy-to-manage application for the business owners without involving IT in daily administration tasks.


Fabrity’s business analysts performed an extensive analysis of all business processes covered by the legacy system. This phase required an in-depth review of the workflows implemented in the legacy solution. Several optimizations were suggested and documented for later implementation. To ensure the client’s requirements, the master data approval application (MDMGo) was developed based on the K2 platform.

Due to the broad set of business processes, the development had been split into five sprints, with each sprint covering a specific subset of the operations. The most important processes were implemented first to allow the company’s daily work to be executed without interruption during the merger while the remaining workflows were still in the queue. This way, the time to production of the app was significantly shortened.

Fabrity implemented several functional processes like customer, vendor, or material master data creation, modification, or mass updates. If there is a new request, e.g., creating master data, it is logged in the app and formally approved according to a flexible approval matrix before it is executed in SAP. 

In a second phase, the app was adapted to changing requirements in line with a global business process harmonization. This included an interface between Salesforce and MDMGo, allowing for an automated end-to-end process for specific workflows.


With Fabrity, dormakaba has gained a valuable and reliable partner over the last years. Together we have successfully executed numerous projects in the web application area, leveraging the K2 platform. Besides that, Fabrity is also providing support services in daily operations, ensuring reliability and availability of the solutions.


Marco Wolfsperger

Main benefits

The swift implementation of MDMGo allowed for a smooth migration from legacy solutions and maintained all crucial business processes during business restructuring. The merged company was able to continue its daily operations without problems during the carve-out.

From now on, the master data quality regarding customers and vendors is structured and guarded by the business rules implemented in the system.

MDMGo was later also introduced for an additional dormakaba plant in China.


dormakaba recommends Fabrity as a trusted professional partner for IT projects in the K2 and web application area, requiring the best development and management skills. Solutions delivered by Fabrity bring significant value to the organization not only through the newest and most suitable technologies used but also through professional business analysis and consulting.

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