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Digital Process Automation

Through the years we have carried out umpteen projects concerning many various fields and areas. Our projects are the practical side of digital transformation.


Robotic Process Automation

Robots can interpret data and text information, emulate human work by manipulating IT systems in the same way people do. Their reaction on specific events in business processes is fast and flawless. They are infinitely efficient and cost effective.

Document Management

Our solutions succeed mostly in scenarios in which high throughput and non-standardized functions are key points, and prove a remarkable advantage over out-of-the-box products.



Microsoft Azure cloud services are well positioned for building IT solutions effectively, with the focus on meeting functional and non-functional requirements and limited impact on existing infrastructure.


Internet of Things

The idea of digital transformation becomes exciting if you imagine how using these elements can influence your clients and the way you run your business.

Why to work with Fabrity?

Founded in 2007

Extensive expertise with ambitious and innovative projects.

Access the best talents

Access the pool of top-notch engineers and designers.


Choose the cooperation model that suits you best and build truly effective hybrid teams.

Cost advantage

Significant cost advantage compared to your local partners, but most of all, best-in-class quality.

Time efficiency

Build competent project teams fast (usually 2-4 weeks).

Global presence

Enterprise and high-tech clients from Europe, UK and US.