Optimization of solution’s infrastructure costs, securing business continuity and redefining business models

About Cloud

Microsoft Azure cloud services offer a range of integrated products and technologies, related to infrastructure, platforms or tools that together have a remarkable advantage in building complex IT solutions.
Microsoft Azure cloud services are well positioned for building IT solutions effectively, with the focus on meeting functional and non-functional requirements and limited impact on existing infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a service

Microsoft Azure cloud services allow building full-blown infrastructure in the cloud that can reproduce all the functions and components used in a typical on-premise infrastructure:

Virtual networks

Private and WAN, allow building any network configuration and connection with local networks.

Dedicated services

CDN, network monitoring, and network diagnosis.

Network devices and services

DNS, VPN, firewall, load balancing, DDoS protection, network traffic management.

Computing nodes

Virtual machines instances for general use, user management, and dedicated instances, designed for application containers, microservices, HCP clusters, or application service hosting.

IaaS benefits

Platform as a service

Azure represents a wide range of platform services that perform dedicated tasks and allow building complex solutions, based on specialised components and mechanisms of communication. Platform services provide specific functionalities, independent of device and software layers.

PaaS benefits


Cloud brings a lot of benefits and gives new opportunities for building better solutions and cost optimisation. However, it requires knowledge and experience to avoid mistakes and traps coming from the apparent easiness of migration and changing the tools without changing the way of thinking about IT solutions.

We offer a wide range of services related to cloud migration in the fields of infrastructure and existing on-premises solutions, as well as building new business solutions that leverage the unlimited potential of the cloud.

We create business solutions based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure and services. We use generic application services and specialized services, designed to build specific solutions, such as:

Web applications

Integration solutions

SOA solutions

Solutions based on SaaS services – SharePoint Online, Dynamics 365

Business Intelligence solutions

Centralised services for mobile applications

IoT solutions

Infrastructure design in the cloud

We deliver requirements analysis, scalability design, cost estimation. We define which resources should be migrated and which should remain on existing infrastructure. We design components communication and deliver complete architecture planning.

Solutions migration

We analyse existing solutions, define coherence level, offer alternative migration types – ranging from migration with a minimal number of modifications to changing the architecture to use PaaS services in Azure. We deliver software development, infrastructure setup, deployment, and data migration services.


We offer consulting services in the fields of cloud migration, cloud infrastructure setup or development of cloud-based solutions.

Cloud migration

We offer a full range of Azure migration services – ranging from reproducing on-premise infrastructure in the cloud, set up of new platform services, resources migration to recreating existing solutions to be compliant with cloud services.

Building software solutions based on cloud services

We design and develop software solutions that are deployed in a full-blown Azure PaaS model. We integrate these solutions with other platforms or software services, as well as with existing on-premise resources.

Cloud managed services

We offer a wide range of Azure cloud-related managed services. We cover a mix of infrastructure monitoring, day-to-day maintenance and health checking, implementation of mechanisms and procedures for business continuity, reconfiguration, and development of cloud infrastructure and software components.


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