Digital Process Automation

The practical element of digital transformation

In Fabrity, we design and implement process-driven business solutions.

We use digital process automation platforms and solutions from world-leading technology providers in the field. Through the years we have carried out umpteen projects concerning many various fields and areas. Our projects are the practical side of digital transformation.


Process-oriented solutions


Automation of business processes

You will be sure that the processes function according to requirements as specified and you will provide proper compliance management.


The possibility to measure key indicators related to process effectiveness

You will be given data allowing to plan activities optimisation.


Operational optimisation

You will increase processes effectiveness with use of robotic process automation, by optimization of process stages or activities and with introduction of digital forms, instead traditional paper documents.


Processes auditability

You will be able to seamlessly track a detail path of every process instance, look into decisions taken, data and linked documents. You will be protected from inconsistent actions and malpractices.

K2 digital process automation platform

Enables rapid application development with collaboration across IT and the business teams. Delivers a modern application experience.
Provides the ability to integrate across legacy systems and emerging technologies. Provides better visibility across all applications.
K2 digital process automation platform - system screen

Empower IT and the business to be more efficient

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Analyse and optimize business processes

Control and manage all your process applications


WEBCON BPS is a low-code digital process automation platform for Office 365, SharePoint & Azure.

The platform provides a workflow engine, model-driven forms, powerful business rules engine, advanced integration capabilities. The system can address a variety of business needs. All the solutions built with WEBCON BPS are easily adjustable due to unique InstantChange™ technology. WEBCON BPS also offers a wide range of out-of-the-box solutions, that speed up the entire development process and seamless implementation of changes. The platform is suitable for building both supporting and mission-critical solutions.
WEBCON BPS system screen
04_technologia instant change

InstantChange™ technology

05_optymalna kosztowo implementacja

Cost effective implementation

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Highly adaptable


For several dozens of our clients, we have carried out remarkable projects based on process management and digital process automation. In our projects, we have successfully supported our clients by bringing process oriented solutions in dozens of industry specific and functional business fields. See the list of referential processes by industry and business field.

Digital process automation solutions by industry

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- Quality management
- Customer complaints
- Stock management
- Supply chain management
- Management systems and internal procedures
- Discounts policy
- Distribution processes support
- Partner channel management
- Maintenance processes

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- Multichannel sales processes
- Product life-cycle management
- Supply chain management
- Consumer complaints
- Compliance processes according to GMP, ISO, SOX
- Standard HCP agreements (specific-task contract, order contract)
- Process automation for Field-Force teams

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- Infrastructure setup management
- Client registration
- Service activation and change management
- Consumer complaints
- Maintenance services
- Correspondence management

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Energy sector

- Maintenance procedures
- Correspondence management
- Maintenance teams management
- Infrastructure setup management
- Invoices and other documents visualisation
- Billing data integration and processing

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Banking sector and financial services

- Bank products applications
- Credit applications service
- Client’s scoring and rating
- Products activation for the client
- Products monitoring
- Partner channel sales
- Clients’ documentation folders
- Correspondence management

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Public sector

- Digital mailrooms
- Cases management
- Documentation archiving
- Management and decision support
- Budgeting and controlling processes
- Documentation review workflows

Digital process automation solutions by business function

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Finance and accounting

- Cost invoice workflow
- Orders workflow
- Advances
- Credit cards settlement
- Business expenses settlement
- Official trips settlement
- Budgeting processes
- Controlling processes

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Legal department

- Documentation review workflows
- Standard contracts generating
- Contracts templates management
- Internal policies and procedures management
- Audits
- Compliance management

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- Devices purchase orders
- Permissions management
- Help Desk/Service Desk
- Devices inventory management
- Clearance slip

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- Application for leave
- Leave planning
- Employee data management
- Absences
- Payslips
- Employee documents submitting and collecting
- Recruitment process
- Employee assessment
- Clearance slip


- Clearance slip
- Digital mailroom
- Employee on-boarding
- Meeting rooms booking
- Car fleet management
- Company telephones management
- Fuel cards settlement
- Employee benefits service

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- Orders workflow
- Demand application workflow
- Suppliers assessment
- Budget control