Our approach to DPA

Solutions for business processes automation and digitalization. The practical side of digital transformation.

At Fabrity, we design and deliver process-driven solutions that support business process automation and digitalization.

We use platforms and solutions from world-leading technology providers in the field. We have carried out umpteen projects concerning many various fields and areas which makes us a good partner in conversation about new challenges. Our projects are the practical element of digital transformation and have an extremely short period of coming to visible effects.

We specialise in digital advisory, implementation and optimisation of digitalized business processes. Based on our experience we can identify gaps in real-life business processes, advise and provide solutions with the highest care and quality.

At Fabrity, Business Process Management is not connected only with workflow applications but with real business support in achieving business goals. This is usually related to effectiveness improvement, increasing process digitisation or process automation. Because of perennial experience in BPM in various business fields, Fabrity experts can offer solutions optimal for the client, according to their requirements and real needs, and what is more, based on modern patterns.

digital advisory, implementation and optimisation
digital advisory, implementation and optimisation

We create process architecture in organizations, based on industry patterns and taking into consideration their cross-functional and multilevel character. We help to identify problems and share our knowledge relate to the best professional practices or general standards that can be applied to a particular area of business.

We advise in selection process of proper technical approach, taking into consideration both current needs and target vision, range of future projects, as well as planned client team’s contribution to maintenance and development of the solutions. In our projects we use generic BPMS platforms, with added RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and integrated platforms, but “low code” platforms that be seamlessly used by non-technical business specialists. We choose implementation scenarios based on client’s on-prem infrastructure or in the cloud.

When working on DPA projects, we share our experience in regards to project organization, prioritization of business initiatives, process discovery based on data, process mapping and to-be optimizations and prototyping.