Software platform designed for fast business process automation and managing workflows with unique InstantChange™ technology

Built, deployed and released in operation? It is just a beginning!

Most companies point out that the biggest challenge in IT projects is related to change management. Due to InstantChange™ technology, it is easier than ever before to efficiently build and adjust applications according to emerging business needs.

Designed for IT departments and teams responsible for business process optimisation

Significantly shortens app delivery and minimizes the risks in IT projects

Fast deployment, easy modifications and high return on investment to the “no code” approach

InstantChange™ technology allows for the fast implementation of new applications and workflows. What is more, all changes in existing apps and workflows can be introduced seamlessly.

InstantChange™ is the native part of:

Webcon platform architecture

Workflow & forms

A simple and user-friendly drag&drop interface allows to build an entire business app with visual tools. No need for coding results in quick app delivery and introducing changes seamlessly.

Business rules engine

Easy control over performance and application logic due to business rules. On the flow modifications, embedding and reuse to handle changes even more effectively.

Document management

Barcodes for easy document digitization. Automatic forms fill-in thanks to OCR and intelligent content recognition. Generate various file types such as PDF, Excel, Word.


Automatically trigger workflows on certain events in external systems. Make use of data stored in ERP, CRM, SharePoint and many other systems thanks to web services and SQL queries.

Sales and marketing:

– Client relations management (CRM)
– Marketing process automation
– Acceptance and Content publication
– E-mail campaigns
– Social media publications
– Planning tasks and events
– Handling purchase procedures
– Expenses management


– Handling mail and tasks
– Document management and repository DMS
– Preparations and acceptance of contracts
– Handling ISO procedures
– Quality assurance and audits
– Product lifecycle management
– Complaints and returns management
– Vehicles management


– Budgeting investment planning and purchase requests
– Processing tenders, RFI, RFP, and orders
– Invoice acceptance
– Payment authorisation
– Handling credit card’s limits
– Subcontractors management
– Suppliers authorisation
– Business trips cost settlement


– Presence registry
– Personnel onboarding
– Leave requests
– Periodic assessment
– Handling permits for work in non-standard conditions
– Retirement plans
– Managing remote employees