Document Management

Solutions that support management and documents workflow, based on proven technologies and platforms.

At Fabrity, we design and implement bespoke solutions supporting document management and workflow, based on proven technologies and platforms.

We use proven technologies and platforms from specialized Enterprise Content Management vendors, integrating and improving them with our custom software. Our solutions succeed mostly in scenarios in which high throughput and non-standardized functions are key points, and prove a remarkable advantage over out-of-the-box products.

Key features of document management solutions (DMS)

DMS key features fig. 1
Market-ready solutions and technologies in the typical functional fields​
DMS key features fig. 2
Flexibility in adjusting to specific business requirements​
DMS key features fig. 3

Great usability for end-users

DMS key features fig. 4

Great efficiency and scalability

DMS key features fig. 5
Advanced features
DMS key features fig. 6
Features range adjustable to specific needs
DMS key features fig. 7
Proven technologies and platforms from ECM specialized vendors
DMS key features fig. 8

Rapid implementation

Document management solutions (DMS) functionalities

DMS finctionalities

Solution fields

Technologies and platforms

Documentation workflow processes management

Portal for users, search services

Content storage management, data retention

Robotic Process Automation (automatic document processing)

Documents generating and digital content automation

Scanning, and processing documents content (OCR/iOCR)

Digital documents signing

Business consulting

We advise in: