DMS functionalities

Key features of Document Management Systems


Creating specific or generic document workflow schemes. Providing auditability of processes and compliance with procedures. Processes tracing and monitoring.

Documents cases

Management of documents in a logical and hierarchical organization, e.g. by case, client, contract, project.

Bulk scanning

Mass document scanning allows scans to split into individual documents and automatically assigning scans to particular cases in the repository.


Automatic character recognition of scanned documents content in order to index and classify them.

Data extraction and classification

Advanced features of documents classification and automatic content extraction from scanned documents (in fixed or quasi-fixed format).

Records management

Documents life-cycle management from the moment of their creation through classification, protection, storing, to archiving or shredding.

Content repository

Storing documents in the form of source files and scans together with metadata including index metrics, workflow history, logical relation, etc.


Simultaneous teamwork with documents, assigning each next version to a particular user or event in a business processes.


Management of the business rules of paper and electronic documents archiving, in order to optimise costs of electronic and physical repository and securing compliance with internal policies and procedures.


Indexing and searching of document content and metadata, full-text search capabilities.

Document templates

Document templates for documents autogenerated in the system. Possibilities to adjust document layout and styling.

Mass documents generating

Mechanisms of mass document autogeneration with use of defined templates and business data gathered in business processes.

Electronic signature

Qualified electronic signature on documents stored in the repository.

Permissions management

Management of permission levels: permissions to access to documents, based on static and dynamic rules, depending on parameters in documents metrics.

Document visualisation (Imaging)

Scans visualisation, adjusted to the way end users work with documents. Possibility of putting notes and additional annotations on document scans.

Documents protection

Protecting documents released in the repository against copying, printing, and editing, depending on the level of permissions given.