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FABRITY provides comprehensive support in the software development for business, consulting, and implementation of IT projects. We are an experienced partner of Polish and international companies in the field of implementing systems supporting business process management and document workflow. We are part of the K2 Internet Group.

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In Fabrity we all are engineers.

Our salesmen, project managers and executives. Even if some of us do not have a university of technology diploma, we are passionate about technology and we are actively interested in it. We believe that these are necessary to be a capable technical partner for our clients.


developers making trending software, very often complex.


analysts, consultants and designers with perennial vocational and discipline experience, supporting the process of product design.

About Fabrity - team
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adjusting to changing conditions, focused on key matters, in the context of creating a value for clients.


advisers searching for optimal solutions, focused on long time perspective relations with a client.

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working in modern, agile methodologies, passionate about technical innovations, perfecting technical skills and project practices.


responsible for taken obligations, focused on quality and timeliness of deliveries.

Why Fabrity?

Project-oriented organization

Modern project practices

Knowledge exchange

Affable atmosphere


Competitive salary

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We would be glad to talk with you about your needs and ideas.

Ask a question

We would be glad to talk with you about your needs and ideas.

Grzegorz Glica

Chief Technology Officer
+48 667 880 552