low-code platform to choose in 2022?

Why low-code

  • 65% of enterprise application development will fall into the low-code category by 2024
  • 500 million new apps are expected to be built by 2024—which is more than the total created in the last 40 years

Low-code development platforms will allow us to bridge the gap between the rising demand for digital experience in the workplace and the limited number of IT professionals who could build the required tools. In this way, your professional developers can focus on more business-critical projects, whereas citizen developers and business users can streamline their day-to-day operations. 

Which low-code platform to choose in 2022

As there is a wide range of low-code solutions available on the market, Fabrity has prepared a comparison of top low-code platforms to consider in 2022, including: 

In our comparison criteria, we included business-critical features (e.g., data storage and modeling, built-in integrations, external data sources, workflow, and processes), information to calculate ROI (licensing and pricing), as well as TCO (the type of deployment and infrastructure needed). 

How we can help

As a multi-vendor of low-code platforms, we can help you: 

Choose the best platform for your needs
Design solution architecture and review licenses
Prepare digital transformation roadmaps
Advise on best practices
Train citizen developers
Create custom code if needed

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