Best-in-class software development teams, holding you by a hand in the digital transformation journey. Beautiful and client-centric design, combined with top-notch software engineering.

Our Services:

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Product and Service Design

Digital product design based on world-leading methods and tools. The holistic approach to product design from ideation, through functional design, UI and user testing.

Bespoke Software

Tailored enterprise software solutions that follow the newest technology and design standards. Software engineering excellence with processes, tools and sharpened practices.

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Web Development 

Development of beautiful yet performant websites, based on the trending technologies and design trends. Client-centric approach, structured design process, reliable web development.

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Mobile Development

Client-centric and structured design process. Development of beautiful consumer and innovative enterprise level mobile apps created with a technology stack of your choice.

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Data Science

Data Management solutions that automate data collection and processing. Building Data Science solutions and AI-enabled software, to help you make business decisions based on data.

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Managed Services

Securing business continuity with reliably managed services across business applications, platforms, infrastructure and cloud. End-to-end, flexible and efficient.

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IT specialists’ outsourcing services, followed by advanced outsourcing of fully organized, cross-competence project teams. Focus on added value, modern approach, variant models.

Nearshore Software House

for DACH countries

Product and Service Design / Bespoke software /
Managed Services / Outsourcing /
Mobile Development / Web Development /
Data Science & Machine Learning /

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What is Electron?

Electron is a framework developed by Github. It allows the creation of cross-platform applications with a graphical interface using Node.js and the Chromium engine, technologies that are also used in the development of web applications.

Fluent UI

Creating an intuitive and above all pretty user interface is not an easy task. What’s more, companies such as Microsoft and Google are trying to maintain a consistent design to lower the threshold of entry for users and make it easier to use their wide range of apps.

Design = problem solving

It is March 2021, the world has been fighting the COVID-19 virus pandemic for a year. Both in our private lives and professionally, we have had to learn a lot and face new challenges during this year. Paradoxically, this is a good time to do some reflection and think about what design is today.

SCRUM Best Practises

SCRUM is undoubtedly the most popular software development methodology. It involves developing a project in short stages. In theory, each of these should end with the delivery of a piece of the system to the end user.

Design Sprint

A design sprint is a five-day design process to help answer key questions in a project. Developed by Jake Knapp, it eventually gained recognition at Google Venture where its development continued at dozens of start-ups.

Progressive Web Applications

PWA gives us the ability to create a mobile app that is installed on devices directly from websites and built using a team of web developers.

The first choice for e-Commerce – Magento

One of the most popular and functional platforms for creating professional online shopping sites. A good choice for large-scale web applications that aim to provide a good fit between functionality and customer requirements.