Data Science & Machine Learning

From data structures to AI-driven solutions

Transaction systems and unstructured data repositories gather distributed, unlinked data that represents crucial business value.

We help our clients to discover information and build knowledge which will allow optimised enterprise management. Our data science and data management services are focused on addressing key business questions. We take business analysis to a higher level in which “why was” and “what is going to be” are more important than “what is” and “what was”.

Data management and analysis

We provide solutions and services that address key points related to data management.

We plan and implement processes connected with data modelling, repository management, and maintenance, both transaction, and analysis systems.

Providing professional services

We focus on providing professional services in the areas that require the highest technical skills, legible and friendly reporting and analytical tools, which allow business users to run analysis without having advanced technical skills.

We care about data legibility, accessibility and currency, providing advanced mechanisms of downloading, aggregating transformation, and building advances analytical structures.

Data science

We combine IT competences with theoretical background and experience in mathematics, statistics, data analysis, forecasting, and artificial intelligence.

We use advanced methods of analysis, decision support, model creating, and machine learning to transform bulk data into information and knowledge that represents tangible business value, such as information mining, patterns detection, anomalies, event prediction, and forecasting.

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Data mining

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Text mining

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Machine learning

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Cognitive analysis

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Expert systems

Big data

We offer services related to gathering, processing and analysing big and various data decks. These data solutions work under rigour performance requirements and are applied in cases, where a big volume of atomic data objects leads to synthetic knowledge in key business areas which cannot be achieved in standard analytical methods.

High level of data fragmentation and diversity together with high data volume and high data throughput requires the use of special solutions and services, especially cloud-based, which makes it easier to meet performance and capacity requirements.

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Azure HDInsight

Azure Data Lake

Data migration & integration

We provide solutions that break down information silos barriers in enterprises.

We support data discovery, in terms of relations and dependencies between data sources. We design and implement rules of data transformation, aggregation, and data completion, to build a consistent data model that stores cleared high-quality data.