Managed Services

Optimising the value of your business

Fabrity provides a wide range of managed services to keep the continuity of production solutions running properly.

Managed services keep the continuity of solutions running properly on the application, platform and infrastructure levels. We believe that time is money and every break in key system operation has acute consequences for our clients’ business. That is why our project teams work in maintenance windows beyond standard 8/5 scheme and in compliance with rigidly defined service parameters (SLA), including requests for immediate reaction.

Managed services principles

What is important for us?

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SLA adjusted to the client’s needs

Depending on the criticality level of the system we offer various service parameters, defined through reaction time, effective problem resolution time or workaround delivery time, as well as defined service timeframe, ranging from the standard 8/5 to extended 24/7.

Wide range of services

The range of services covers a few levels, starting from levels of application, application platforms, and on-premise or cloud infrastructure. Services like that provide congeneric monitoring of proper IT solutions operation, located at a joint application-server platform. Issue diagnostics and final problem resolution is done regardless of its ground source and may include as well escalation to third party vendor e.g. platform provider.

Various lines of support

We provide services that cover all lines of support, range from 1st line (service desk) that is responsible for end-user support, 2nd line dealing with more advanced requests (power users), to 3rd line including developer teams and application platforms administrators. We offer consultancy services related to current system operation and product development as well.

Service range

We are a reliable partner who can provide support and features development for solutions created by third-party providers. We provide the possibility of including in our managed service many third-party solutions, specially created in the same technology stack, and covering them with the same service parameters.

Pricing models

We offer pricing based on fixed monthly fees for the maintenance service and flexible models based on working hours spent on service tasks or based on a number of service requests.

Proactive approach

We manage incidents and diagnose their ground cause to solve source problems. We manage incidents proactively monitoring clients' production environments to eliminate problems before their occurrence, and also problems related to solution performance.

Remotely or on-prem

We provide maintenance services using remote access to the client’s environment or just working with clients on-premise when such access is not possible. We also present hybrid approach: part of the service actions is performed remotely, based on environments reproduced in Fabrity infrastructure and part of them is done directly on client’s on-premise infrastructure.

Transparent reporting

We use proven ITSM platforms that allow our clients to track the status of every incident and problem. However, reporting modules give even bigger picture of service parameters i.e. check the process compliance, with defined SLA parameters in monthly and quarterly periods.

Single point of contact

To provide legible and effective communication related to maintenance services and day-by-day consultancy, we establish a single point of contact as a dedicated Service Manager. In critical situations, we provide a telephone emergency line that initiates the service requests process. Also, for the 1st line of support, we establish direct or call back telephone line.