Product and Service Design

Customer Experience has never been so important

We strongly believe that partnership with clients and a holistic approach to product and service design, development and release, together with marketing activates around that, builds a unique value. That way of work allows also to control all stages of the process, ensuring the highest quality of the final product or service.
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Potential fields of cooperation when working on product and service design.

These may differ depending on product purpose (e.g. consumer mobile app vs. supply chain management).



Exploration and research

Understanding the market, user needs and collecting all qualitative and quantitative data.



Generating, expanding and testing ideas. Holistic approach including close work with business analytics.


Organizing and labeling information to support its usefulness.


Arranging the most important elements within the digital product, defining the way they work individually and as a whole.


User Interface design

Facilitating the User’s communication with a given digital product and focusing on its visual layer.

Product and service design

Product and service design - research


At the beginning, we focus on getting to know the client’s needs and defining business and technological expectations. The goal is to understand the market, user needs and to collect all qualitative and quantitative data that will enable us to make design decisions.
Benchmarking / Market Research / Expert Audit / Usability Testing / Desk Research / In-depth Interview / Online Surveys / UX Research / User Data Analysis / Qualitative Research
Product and service design - ideation


Ideation is an essential part of the design process it builds the bridge between research and the product or service to be designed. We help to conceptualize information gathered during research into product vision. To achieve that we use techniques most suitable for the project and resources we are working on.
Business And User Objectives Definition / Product Concept / Concept Testing / Personas / Design Sprint / Customer Journey Mapping / User Story Mapping / Value Proposition Design / Design Thinking Workshops / Moodboards
Product and service design - UX design

User Expirience Design

UX design is one of the key components of your digital product success. Designing user experiences is a complex process at the intersection of psychology, research and design. Proper UX guarantees that your digital product will be functional, usable and attractive. We run a multilevel process with a team of highly skilled and experienced designers supporting the success of our project.
Information Architecture (IA) / Low and Hi-fidelity Mockups / UX Writing / Empathy Map / Functional Design / Usability Testing
Product and service design - UI design

User Interface Design

The user interface (UI) is the space where the user interacts with digital products or services. We combine business needs with modern design trends to leverage customer engagement while interacting with beautiful interfaces. We can design and deliver an interface for any system of Clients’ choice starting from web pages through mobile application ending on enterprise production systems managing complex business tasks.

Branding / UI Design / Hi-Fidelity Mockups / Motion Design / Product Prototyping / Design Systems / Responsive Design

Our projects

Key clients

Our experts were working for many different clients just to name a few:

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Fluent UI

Creating an intuitive and above all pretty user interface is not an easy task. What’s more, companies such as Microsoft and Google are trying to maintain a consistent design to lower the threshold of entry for users and make it easier to use their wide range of apps.

Design = problem solving

It is March 2021, the world has been fighting the COVID-19 virus pandemic for a year. Both in our private lives and professionally, we have had to learn a lot and face new challenges during this year. Paradoxically, this is a good time to do some reflection and think about what design is today.

Design Sprint

A design sprint is a five-day design process to help answer key questions in a project. Developed by Jake Knapp, it eventually gained recognition at Google Venture where its development continued at dozens of start-ups.

UX & Visual Design

Interfaces, processes, and ecosystems, improve customer journeys, help to increase sales, and provide better customer service. We combine business and users’ needs to create digital products that make money.

Design-Driven Innovation

Innovation is often about changing the meaning of what a product or a service is and what it offers its users. This is the core of the design.

Product Design Sprint

Design Sprint is a process of business problems solving developed by Google Ventures. It was created to help start-ups build better products. We adapted this method to the requirements of big organizations.