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About the service

Mobile traffic has been growing exponentially in the last years and this trend is expected to be accelerated by the adoption of the 5G technology. From the end user perspective, we rely more and more on our smartphones: for communication, work and entertainment. From the business perspective, this is huge market to conquer.

At Fabrity, we design, build and deploy web applications for top global brands. We focus on aligning positive user experience with your business goal.

Our key clients

Over 50 corporate clients have benefited from our solutions. We focus on long-term relationships: 90% of our clients have been working with us for more than five years.
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Types of mobile apps

Native apps

Native apps are developed in the programming language specific to the platform of your choice (iOS or Android).

Native apps:

  • Offer full hardware support
  • Offer high speed
  • Ensure full compatibility with the OS
  • Allow to have full control over the orientation, size and resolution of the app
  • Require more effort on the user’s side to install them, but increase customer loyalty

Progressive web apps (PWA)

Progressive web application (PWA) are built using common web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and delivered through the web. They are intended to work on both desktop and mobile devices, if they are using a compliant web browser.

PWA apps:

  • Do not require storage, which makes them more accessible for end users and reduces the overall e-store size
  • Can be developed fast (especially if website is already up and running)
  • Are cost-effective, as their development, deployment and maintenance cost less than the native apps development
  • Do not offer full hardware support, as in the case of native apps

Native cross-platform

A native cross-platform application is a mobile app that can be run on any smartphone, tablet or PC regardless of the operating system.

Native cross-platform apps:

  • Allow to reuse the code across various platforms
  • Are easy to maintain and update
  • Are fast to develop
  • Can be installed on many device types
  • Provide user experience comparable to native apps
  • May require some platform customization

Mobile software development service scope

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Research & evaluation

We will help benchmark your product idea against you direct and non-direct competitors. In this way, you will be able to adjust your business strategy accordingly and gain an important competitive advantage.

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Product design

Describing personas and mapping customer journey are the first steps in designing user experience. Then, we design digital product and present low and high-fidelity mockups. Finally, we prepare the graphic design of the user interface by defining mood boards and graphics concepts and creating the final design.

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A dedicated team working according to the SCRUM approach will be developing your mobile app in close collaboration with the product owner. An iterative approach will allow us to implement your feedback quickly and make sure that the final app conforms with its initial specifications.

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Quality assurance

Before going live, your mobile app will be thoroughly tested against various test cases to ensure it will work smoothly on different platforms and device types. Our testing process aims at detecting bugs at the early development stage.

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Our engineers will deploy your app both to public mobile stores and corporate private app stores ensuring security, compliance and personal data protection. We will also take care of data migration, business continuity, infrastructure, maintenance and user support.

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Once your mobile app is deployed, we will help you with its maintenance and troubleshooting.

What we deliver

Strategic approach

Choose the right strategy and market benchmarking before the first line of code is written.

Best UX

Ensure positive user experience tested against your target group and combined with engaging design.

Technical strategy

Use the technology that is most conform with your business goals and optimize it against product features, planned life cycle and maintenance costs.

End-to-end development

Build with us a fully blown digital product, including native or cross-platform mobile development, back-end services, cloud deployment, analytics, or AI services integration.

Quality assurance

Ensure high-quality mobile software thanks to the thorough testing process that includes different device types and mobile OS versions.

Support and maintenance

Make sure your mobile app works smoothly regardless of the platform and issues reported by end users are solved quickly and efficiently.

Technology stack

Our technical expertise in mobile software development.

Featured case studies

Building a new transactional website for a leading Polish bank.

Instead of many different digital platforms dedicated to different products, the client wanted to create an omnichannel platform providing the same user experience regardless of the device used. To achieve this, we:

  • conducted in-depth interviews with the bank’s customers,
  • designed information architecture,
  • built a Minimum Viable Product (MVP),
  • created a style guide to ensure design coherence.

Designing the UI of the Online Patient Account for the Polish Ministry of Health

Our client wanted to build an online health record of every Polish citizen that would contain information about medical appointments, prescriptions, prescribed and purchased medi-cines, tests etc. To achieve this goal, we:

  • prepared two different concepts of the UI,
  • designed the e-prescriptions module that simplifies buying drugs,
  • created general design principles of the service including navigation and RWD re-quirements,
  • extended the service with other functionalities.

Redesigning the main website of the largest Polish bank.

The client wanted to refresh its website whilst ensuring it was mobile friendly. To achieve this, we:

  • revamped the site navigation,
  • introduced a new search engine,
  • prepared a new visual design,
  • implemented a CMS system,
  • optimized the website for SEO.

About Fabrity

At Fabrity, we design and build digital products. Regardless if it is a piece of web software, a mobile application or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), our dedicated Digital Products division can help you:

We know how to design and build digital products and services

You can count on our expertise when it comes to web and mobile apps as well as UX design. When building a digital product, we apply mobile-first approach and e-commerce attitude in all kinds of business functions.

We speak the language of investors

As startuppers with VC track and successful exit rounds and investors ourselves, we know how to bring them together by building a digital product with the potential for future development.

We have experience in many industries

Having successfully delivered many projects for Fintech, Medtech, Martech and e-commerce companies, we know what industry-specific requirements are and how to make your product or service profitable.

Our success story

Apart from generating profits for our clients, our work is also appreciated by a wider audience. Over last years, we won over 160 awards in categories including creation, digital products design, technology, strategy, business impact. Among others, we won:
KTR Awards
Innovation Awards
Kreatura Awards
Effie Awards
nominations in Cannes

Why to work with Fabrity?

Fabrity is a software house that provide software development services and complex IT solutions, partnering enterprise and most innovative companies in their digital transformation journey. We are not a recruitment company.

Balanced project teams

We can propose fully-organized, competent and balanced project teams available at the same time. You don’t need to recruit person by person and build a team on your own.

Project teams in 2-4 weeks

We can build project teams in 2-4 weeks from the request till effective start (provided there are no niche requirements).

We will secure your risks

We will secure your risks in regards to team onboarding, effective work organization, team performance, absence management or scalability.

Added value

We can provide a lot of added value if needed, in regards to software development processes and practices, tools, environments or cloud tenants, devices, etc.

Truly effective hybrid teams

You can choose a’la carte from project roles on our side and build truly effective hybrid teams.

Responsibility for the performance

We will take responsibility for the team performancethe remuneration is based on team Sprints or a volume of software delivered and expressed in “story points” (Quoted Time & Means model).

Significant advantages

You will gain a significant cost advantage compared to your local partners, but most of all, best-in-class quality.

Team motivation

We keep our teams motivated by providing many paths for professional growth, including the Fabrity Academy program and the Fabrity Labs coding days.

Added value

When building software development hubs, we deliver a lot of added value, having an up and running complete framework that requires no investments from you to start.

Processes & practices

The Team



How we work


Contact us

Ask for a quote for your project scope.


Discovery session

Setup an initial discovery session in the next three days.



Receive a proposal with technical strategy, backlog definition, team sizing, and budget estimates.



Review and sign off a contract based on SCRUM approach depending on how well defined your project scope is.



Start a project with a dedicated team.


Long-term cooperation

Cooperate with a team in a fully transparent way, receive project deliverables in iterations as planned.

Need support with your mobile development project?

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