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About the service

In today highly competitive landscape, a well-designed and built web application providing good user experience can give you a competitive advantage, increase brand loyalty and conversion rate.

At Fabrity, we specialize in building websites and web apps for different organisations: start-ups, scale-ups and enterprises. Therefore, we exactly know what the specific requirements for every organisation maturity level are.

High performance. Reusable components. SEO optimization. Usability.

Our key clients

Over 50 corporate clients have benefited from our solutions. We focus on long-term relationships: 90% of our clients have been working with us for more than five years.
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Web software development service scope

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Research & evaluation

We will help you validate your idea, assess risks and create specification. Additionally, we will advise you on the best technology and development approach to choose.

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Product design

As every great idea deserves great UX, we will design your website according to the newest usability standards.

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Your project will be delivered by a dedicated team working according to Agile methodologies. The website will be also extensively tested to ensure flawless work regardless of the device type.

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Quality Assurance (QA)

We conduct thorough tests that include all possible scenarios to detect and eliminate problems at the early stage of the development process.

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When ready, we will deploy the site and make sure everything works properly. If required at that stage, we will also connect it to other systems and services such as analytics, CRMs, ERPs etc.

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Once your website is live, we will be happy to provide support and maintenance. We will develop its new versions to stay up-to-date with the newest design trends.

What we deliver

Partnership approach

While working with us, you can expect a full transparency at every project stage: from research and benchmarking, through design and development, to release and maintenance.

Great UX

Ensure positive user experience in your website or web app and win the loyalty of your customers.

Technical strategy

Align technology with your business strategy and goals by selecting the right technical strategy, including CMS-based approaches and fully customized enterprise-grade development projects.

End-to-end development

Have a fully blown digital product delivered, including CMS, customized functionalities, back-end, cloud deployment, data analytics or AI services integration.

Quality assurance

Ensure that you website or web app will work flawlessly on every type of device and operating system.

Support and maintenance

Ensure your website or web app work smoothly and issues reported by users are solved quickly and efficiently.

Technology stack

Our technical expertise in web software development.




Featured case studies

Designing and building a website for one of the largest independent banks in Switzerland.

The challenge consisted of creating the bank’s website in five languages while ensuring its security and compliance with Swiss and international regulations. During the two-year project, we:

  • built a global website based on Drupal,
  • ensured its security,
  • optimized the website and integrated it with internal systems.

Building a virtual clinic to help safely diagnose patients with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Using a questionnaire and without leaving their homes, patients can check if their symptoms suggest that they could have been infected with SARS-CoV-2. In such cases, they were contacted by a physician to take the necessary additional steps. In the course of the project, we:

  • analyzed the client’s needs,
  • prepared website mock-ups,
  • built a website.

Building a website for the Copernicus Science Centre.

The challenge consisted of redesigning the website according to the latest design trends, including mobile-first design. The website needed to be a virtual guide to the attractions of Copernicus Science Centre allowing visitors to buy tickets and organize their visit. To achieve this, we:

  • designed information architecture,
  • built a ticket purchasing system,
  • ensured the website looked good regardless of the screen resolution.

Redesigning the main website of the largest Polish bank.

The client wanted to refresh its website whilst ensuring it was mobile friendly. To achieve this, we:

  • revamped the site navigation,
  • introduced a new search engine,
  • prepared a new visual design,
  • implemented a CMS system,
  • optimized the website for SEO.

Why to work with Fabrity?

Fabrity is a software house that provide software development services and complex IT solutions, partnering enterprise and most innovative companies in their digital transformation journey. We are not a recruitment company.

Balanced project teams

We can propose fully-organized, competent and balanced project teams available at the same time. You don’t need to recruit person by person and build a team on your own.

Project teams in 2-4 weeks

We can build project teams in 2-4 weeks from the request till effective start (provided there are no niche requirements).

We will secure your risks

We will secure your risks in regards to team onboarding, effective work organization, team performance, absence management or scalability.

Added value

We can provide a lot of added value if needed, in regards to software development processes and practices, tools, environments or cloud tenants, devices, etc.

Truly effective hybrid teams

You can choose a’la carte from project roles on our side and build truly effective hybrid teams.

Responsibility for the performance

We will take responsibility for the team performancethe remuneration is based on team Sprints or a volume of software delivered and expressed in “story points” (Quoted Time & Means model).

Significant advantages

You will gain a significant cost advantage compared to your local partners, but most of all, best-in-class quality.

Team motivation

We keep our teams motivated by providing many paths for professional growth, including the Fabrity Academy program and the Fabrity Labs coding days.

Added value

When building software development hubs, we deliver a lot of added value, having an up and running complete framework that requires no investments from you to start.

Processes & practices

The Team



How we work


Contact us

Ask for a quote for your project scope.


Discovery session

Setup an initial discovery session in the next three days.



Receive a proposal with technical strategy, backlog definition, team sizing, and budget estimates.



Review and sign off a contract based on SCRUM approach depending on how well defined your project scope is.



Start a project with a dedicated team.


Long-term cooperation

Cooperate with a team in a fully transparent way, receive project deliverables in iterations as planned.

Need support with your web development project?

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Blockchain glossary

A blockchain glossary by Fabrity—a curated list of the main terms and concepts needed to understand what blockchain technology is about.