Building a low-code system for managing product changes at Liebherr


Liebherr Appliance Division — a global manufacturer of refrigeration and freezer units for residential and professional use.



Business goal

Replace a legacy solution to reduce maintenance costs, enhance user experience, and improve management and scalability.

What our client says

At Liebherr, we needed a reliable partner to develop a new system for managing product changes in our refrigeration and freezing business unit. Fabrity, using its own low-code platform FastAPP, delivered a solution that made it possible to centralize this business-critical process used by many users across different departments. What we appreciated most was the fact Fabrity conducted the project end-to-end: from gathering business requirements to the QA phase. Last but not least, they built a clickable prototype quickly, allowing us to customize it in iterations as the project was evolving.
Gerd Obertscheider
Team Leader, Global Series Support Development

How we helped

  • Gathered and analyzed business requirements
  • Conducted workshops with the client
  • Built a clickable prototype of the solution
  • Tested a solution prototype to verify business requirements
  • Worked in iterations according to agile methodology
  • Used low-code platforms—FastAPP (Fabrity’s own low-code platform) and K2—to build automations, workflows, reminders, and notifications
  • Used micro frontends for UI to enhance the low-code solution with custom components
  • Conducted QA of the final solution

Business outcome

  • Reduced costs of maintenance and further development
  • Fewer errors in the process thanks to automation and standardization
  • Enhanced user experience thanks to the new UI
  • Better scalability of the solution, which can handle thousands of users simultaneously
  • Quick onboarding to the process for new employees
  • Integration with company’s internal systems

Technology stack


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