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At Fabrity, we navigate companies through their digital transformation journey. Low-code solutions, digital process automation (DPA), and robotic process automation (RPA)—all of these are necessary steps towards automation and hyperautomation.

Why low-code

Low-code platforms allow for the creation of apps and the automation of business processes by business users (called “citizen developers”) with little or no coding skills, leaving the professional developers free to focus on more business-critical functions.

In this way, low-code platforms allow us to bridge the gap between the rising demand for business applications in the workplace and the limited number of IT professionals who can build the required tools.
Now, citizen developers can build large numbers of business applications that significantly improve their day-to-day operations. As non-crucial to main business activities, these apps would not otherwise be created due to the tech talent shortage.
In fact, Gartner predicts that


of enterprise application development will fall into the low-code category by 2024.
Microsoft expects to build

500 mln

new apps by 2024—which is more than the total created in the last 40 years.
From a broader perspective, low-code platforms are the first step towards hyperautomation, a term coined by Gartner in 2020, that means the process of the identification of processes and opportunities to automate them with the help of artificial intelligence, low-code application platforms, machine learning, and robotic process automation.

All this means that the future is about low-code.

Low-code platforms expertise

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Dive deeper into the low-code world

Low-code platforms allow you to:

  • Enhance legacy IT systems with new features without messing up their core functionalities.
  • Take internal IT projects from the shoulders of professional developers.
  • Reduce the cost of developing new tools and solutions.
  • Shorten the time-to-market of new functionalities.
  • Enable citizen developers to improve internal processes.
  • Ensure applications are responsive and can be used on different device types.
  • Ensure a better understanding of business needs.
  • Enhance cooperation across different company departments.
  • Optimize business processes to accelerate the digital transformation of your company.

Low-code solutions by industry


  • Quality management
  • Customer complaints
  • Stock management
  • Supply chain management
  • Management systems and internal procedures
  • Discounts policy
  • Distribution processes support
  • Partner channel management
  • Maintenance processes

Life science

  • Multichannel sales processes
  • Product life cycle management
  • Supply chain management
  • Consumer complaints
  • Compliance processes according to GMP, ISO, SOX
  • Standard HCP agreements (specific-task contract, order contract)
  • Process automation for mobile teams working in the field


  • Infrastructure setup management
  • Client registration
  • Service activation and change management
  • Consumer complaints
  • Maintenance services
  • Correspondence management

Energy and utilities

  • Maintenance procedures
  • Correspondence management
  • Maintenance team management
  • Infrastructure setup management
  • Invoice and other document visualization
  • Billing data integration and processing

Financial services

  • Maintenance procedures
  • Correspondence management
  • Maintenance team management
  • Infrastructure setup management
  • Invoice and other document visualization
  • Billing data integration and processing

Public sector

  • Digital mailrooms
  • Cases management
  • Documentation archiving
  • Management and decision support
  • Budgeting and control processes
  • Documentation review workflows

Low-code solutions by business functions

Finance and accounting

  • Cost invoice workflow
  • Order workflow
  • Advances
  • Credit card settlement
  • Business expenses settlement
  • Official trip settlement
  • Budgeting processes
  • Controlling processes

Legal department

  • Devices purchase orders
  • Permissions management
  • Help desk/service desk
  • Device inventory management
  • Clearance slips


  • Device purchase orders
  • Permissions management
  • Help desk/service desk
  • Device inventory management
  • Clearance slips


  • Applications for leave
  • Leave planning
  • Employee data management
  • Absences
  • Pay slips
  • Employee documents, submitting and collecting
  • Recruitment process
  • Employee assessment
  • Clearance slips


  • Clearance slips
  • Digital mailroom
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Meeting room booking
  • Car fleet management
  • Company telephone management
  • Fuel card settlement
  • Employee benefits service


  • Order workflow
  • Demand application workflow
  • Supplier assessment
  • Budget control

Low-code typical use cases

Low-code platforms

At Fabrity, we use Microsoft Power Platform, Nintex K2 and UiPath to build our DPA and RPA solutions. We have been developing our own low-code platform: FastApp.

Nintex K2

Enables rapid application development with collaboration across IT and the business teams. Delivers a modern application experience.

Provides the ability to integrate across legacy systems and emerging technologies. Provides better visibility across all applications.

Empower IT and the business to be more efficient

Analyse and optimize business processes

Control and manage all your process applications

Microsoft Power Platform

Empower your business users with new possibilities

Master data management, sales process, new employees onboarding, service desk, document management—all this is necessary for smooth operation of your business, but also requires time and effort.

Now, business users with little or no coding skills can build applications or create automated workflows saving time on the most laborious tasks.

Build apps, automate workflows, analyze and visualize data

Extend the functionality of your legacy systems

Connect data from external sources

FastAPP by Fabrity

FastAPP by Fabrity allows you to automate and optimize most of your day-to-day processes, including IT help desk, CRM, document management, vacation requests, remote workflow management, and many more.

All this can be done by citizen developers via an interactive and easy-to-use interface.

Unlimited number of business apps

Easy application lifecycle management

High performance

UiPath robotic process automation platform

The UiPath platform is a set of tools and technologies for building Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions that replace human work in routine and repetitive activities.

UiPath Studio

UiPath Orchestrator

UiPath Robot

Our expertise is your success


  • Design solution architecture and review licenses
  • Prepare digital transformation roadmaps
  • Advise on best practices
  • Advise on Project Lifecycle Management 
  • Build fusion teams
  • Train citizen developers

Software development:

  • Build standalone low-code apps 
  • Create multi-platform mobile apps (Web, Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Extend legacy CRM and ERP systems
  • Build custom integration (API)
  • Build components for fully customized UX
  • Extend apps with custom logic
  • Automate business processes
  • Build apps for Office 365 and Teams
  • Build RPA and AI solutions
  • Establish a low-code Center of Excellence
  • Set up administration and monitoring tools
  • Train professional and citizen developers
  • Implement Application Lifecycle Management
  • Ensure integration between development, technical, and business roles in fusion teams
  • Provide ongoing technical support
  • Support upgrades and migrations between environments

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  • decide on next steps.

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