Data engineering

Data science, data management, and big data services focused on addressing enterprise needs.

About the service

The main problem organisations face today is not how to collect data, but how to make them useful, understandable and insightful for all stakeholders. The ultimate goal of data collection and analysis is the ability to take informed decisions in a timely manner.

At Fabrity, analyzing big sets of data is our daily bread. Our data scientists and machine learning engineers will help you get actionable insights from your data to stay ahead of a curve.

Providing professional services

We care about data legibility, accessibility, and currency, providing advanced mechanisms of downloading, aggregating transformation, and building advances analytical structures.

Service Scope

Data migration & integration

We support data discovery, in terms of relations and dependencies between data sources. We design and implement rules of data transformation, aggregation, and data completion, to build a consistent data model that stores cleared high-quality data.

• Building central master data repositories
• Data migration related to transaction systems “end of life”
• Loading data into data warehouses and analytical structures
• Systems integration

Data science

We combine IT competences with theoretical background and experience in mathematics, statistics, data analysis, forecasting, and artificial intelligence.
We use advanced methods of analysis, decision support, model creating, and machine learning to transform bulk data into information and knowledge that represents tangible business value, such as information mining, patterns detection, anomalies, event prediction, and forecasting.

• Data mining
• Text mining
• Machine learning
• Cognitive analysis
• Expert systems

Big data

We offer services related to gathering, processing, and analysing big and various data decks. These data solutions work under rigorous performance requirements and are applied in cases, where a big volume of atomic data objects leads to synthetic knowledge in key business areas which cannot be achieved in standard analytical methods. A high level of data fragmentation and diversity together with high data volume and high data throughput requires the use of special solutions and services, especially cloud-based, which makes it easier to meet performance and capacity requirements.

What we deliver

This is where Data Engineering services could provide the value to your business.


We will help you to find not obvious patterns in your business and get more useful information from your data using advanced data science methods. 


We will help you to assess risks quicker, more accurately, and with less effort than now. See more than your competition seeing. 


All your data will be integrated and managed in a way that reduces risk of losing, duplicating, or not using information and make analysis easier and more accessible. 

Cost reduction

We will help you to reduce the data management costs by integrating them and optimizing both architecture and infrastructure. 

Process optimization

We will optimize the data management process in your organization to make sure that information is valid and up to date. 

Artificial Intelligence

If you ever thought about building a competitive advantage based on AI, we are here to help. Our extensive experience includes but is not limited to data lakes, big data, and sophisticated algorithms implementation. 


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Azure HDInsight

Azure Data Lake

Power BI

About Fabrity

In Fabrity we want to partner with great and the most innovative clients to support them in their Digital Transformation Journey by combining the innovation and beautiful design with top-notch software engineering.

Our Vision is to address the Digital Transformation challenges of our Clients and help them build the better and more innovative businesses.

We focus on mastering Product & Design and Software Development, as well as Managed Services, DevOps and Data Science processes to bring the added value to the businesses of our Clients.

Years of building our know-how and partnerships with leading IT solutions providers, gave us a great position to deliver value in the process automation, AI, cloud, and smart devices areas.

Founded in 2007

Extensive expertise with ambitious and innovative projects.

Access the Best Talents

Access to a volume talent pool, top-notch, experienced, engineers and designers.


You can choose a’la carte from project roles on our side and build truly effective hybrid teams.

Cost Advantage

Significant cost advantage compared to your local partners, but most of all, best-in-class quality.

Time Efficiency

Significantly shortened timeframe for building competent project teams, usually 2-4 weeks.

Global Presence

Enterprise and high-tech clients from Europe, UK and US.

Our key clients

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How we work


Contact us

Ask for a quote for your project scope.


Discovery session

Setup an initial discovery session in the next three days.



Receive a proposal with technical strategy, backlog definition, team sizing, and budget estimates.



Review and sign off a contract based on SCRUM approach depending on how well defined your project scope is.



Start a project with a dedicated team.


Long-term cooperation

Cooperate with a team in a fully transparent way, receive project deliverables in iterations as planned.

Software Hub

We offer different cooperation models to allow you to choose the scenario that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Team managed by Fabrity

Give the entire responsibility for the project delivery to Fabrity. We will build a cross-functional team with all roles and competences covered. Plug and play with tools, processes, and practices or infrastructure required for development, QA and staging. Use quoted Time&Means model based on performance or volume of software delivered.



Hybrid team
Build a hybrid team with different project roles covered by Fabrity and your employees. Scale up your project team and establish seamless knowledge transfer in both directions. Benefit from selected software development practices and processes or be flexible when scaling infrastructure. Use either quoted Time&Means or Time&Means model, depending on a split leadership roles between two sides.



Team managed by client
Scale up your project teams with top-notch IT engineers from Fabrity. Be flexible when scaling up and down according to your current project needs. Benefit from the all-inclusive model with devices and licenses for each developer, secured compliance, network security and GDPR. Use Time&Means model with contracted flexibility.



Other services

Best-in-class software development teams, holding you by a hand in the digital transformation journey. Beautiful and client-centric design, combined with top-notch software engineering.

Product ideation

Gain insight into the market environment, test your ideas and get a prototype for your product

Product design

Engage your clients from day one and deliver a continuous exceptional experience to grow your brand faster

Mobile software development

Find new clients and increase their loyalty with human-centred mobile apps

Web software development

Beautiful design hand in hand with solid technology

Enterprise software development

Relevant teams and technology for ambitious organisations

Managed services

Wide range of managed services to make your businesses run properly


Scale up your team seamlessly to meet the growing needs of your business.


Electron is a framework developed by Github. It allows the creation of cross-platform applications with a graphical interface using Node.js and the Chromium engine, technologies that are also used in the development of web applications.

Creating an intuitive and above all pretty user interface is not an easy task. What’s more, companies such as Microsoft and Google are trying to maintain a consistent design to lower the threshold of entry for users and make it easier to use their wide range of apps.

It is March 2021, the world has been fighting the COVID-19 virus pandemic for a year. Both in our private lives and professionally, we have had to learn a lot and face new challenges during this year. Paradoxically, this is a good time to do some reflection and think about what design is today.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose a’la carte from different cooperation models, choose and mix roles to build truly effective SCRUM teams according to your needs.

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