Case studies

Our expertise in practice
In the below case studies, we show how we solved specific business challenges and, most importantly, how our clients benefited from our solutions.

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Fault handling system for aviation industry

Client used paper forms to handle faults on aircraft, the contents of which were then transferred to an electronic system. This not only increased the time taken to process requests, but also created an additional risk of mistakes and errors occurring.


For contractors cooperating with Pepsico, the issue of terms of cooperation and promotions they can count on is very important.

Production infrastructure data integration system

A car parts manufacturer needed a system that would integrate data from production lines and advanced production control systems. The new solution was to help monitor the part’s production path and thus help better manage product quality.

Register of insurance intermediaries

We have created a Register of Insurance Intermediaries collecting data on insurance agents and brokers. This data is public following the provisions of the Insurance Distribution Act.


Virtual clinic:, helping to safely diagnose patients with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection. The service intended for both private and corporate users.


More than 100 workflow applications, across all areas of the business led to significant improvements in efficiency. The workflows are highly secure and very intuitive to use.

Pekao24 online banking

Design of a new transactional website as part of the bank’s Digital Transformation process. Omni-channel platform that provides the same user experience on all devices.

Carrefour Marketplace

Sales platform merging two separate sites (e-commerce and brick and mortar shops) into one coherent platform, allowing sales both of Carrefour products and its partners.

PKO Bank Polski

The new version of PKO Bank Polski’s main website. The website consists of over 15,000 pages and is visited by over 3.5 million users each month.

Swiss bank website

Service for one of the largest independent banks in Switzerland. Fulfilling the highest security arising from Swiss and international laws.

The online health record of every citizen of Poland. All information about medical appointments, prescriptions, prescribed and purchased medicines, referrals, and tests performed available on-line.

Kaizen in information technology

Toyota Bank Polska S.A. is a pioneer of electronic banking in Poland. Applications for various banking products are made through the Bank’s online channel.