For Dimedic.pl we have created a virtual clinic: koronawirus.dimedic.pl, helping to safely diagnose patients with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Dimedic.pl is a telemedicine clinic registered in Poland. It was created to help patients and support the healthcare system during the developing outbreak of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Dimedic.pl is part of Dimedic.eu – an on-line clinic operating for over four years in the UK, providing its services to patients living in all countries of the European Union. The clinic cares for the health of thousands of patients every day.


Life science

Key point

Virtual clinic: koronawirus.dimedic.pl, helping to safely diagnose patients with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection.


The company faced the challenge of implementing a website offering users a medical questionnaire for initial diagnosis. In cases where the responses indicate the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 infection, the patient’s information was to be passed on to a physician who would contact the patient by telephone and take appropriate action based on additional medical history.

The service was intended for both private and corporate users. In the latter case, access to the service would be granted on the basis of specially generated codes purchased and made available by the company concerned. The system was also to offer the possibility of creating a patient account with a history of interviews conducted.

Why Fabrity?

Dimedic.pl needed a partner that has on its board specialists in many IT areas, from UX/UI designers responsible for the application’s appearance and functionality to a well-coordinated development team able to create and test a solution in the shortest possible time.

Dimedic placed great emphasis on high quality, solution security, and compliance with the latest standards and trends. It has turned out that very few companies are able to satisfy these requirements. Discussions with the teams were decisive in the selection. Fabrity’s specialists demonstrated an out-of-the-box approach and a high degree of flexibility, which set them apart from the competition.


Fabrity has designed and implemented a service that enables an on-line medical interview: coronavirus.dimedic.pl. Thanks to the solution created, patients can go through a medical interview without leaving their home and get contact from a doctor if necessary. To date, thousands of patients have benefited from the solution. After a set time, the system sends a reminder to the interviewee to repeat the interview to check whether the patient’s condition has improved.

The implementation of the project required a number of workshops with the client to understand the patients’ needs well. Mock-ups were prepared to simulate the operation of the system so that the customer had a complete picture of the solution. Every part of the system was discussed in detail before implementation, and thanks to daily status meetings, it was possible to react to all new issues on a continuous basis. The solution developed was thoroughly reviewed by both the medical department and the legal department. This approach has produced a very good result.

The project used: Javascript, Next.js, React, Scss and php.


Cooperation with Fabrity allowed Dimedic.pl to quickly prepare a very high quality product that met its business objective. The implemented system allows the efficient and safe diagnosis of a large number of patients. Thanks to an innovative approach to medicine Dimedic.pl becomes even more recognizable and more and more companies want to cover their employees with medical care offered by Dimedic. The implementation of mechanisms such as phone number verification wiith a a text code and video verification allows the company to build a valuable patient base to which it can offer its services in the future, not only in the context of Covid-19-related care.

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