Fault handling system for aviation industry


Our client used paper forms to handle faults on aircraft, the contents of which were then transferred to an electronic system. This not only increased the time taken to process requests, but also created an additional risk of mistakes and errors occurring. Moreover, the relevant departments did not have access to the information they needed and with the flow of paper documents there was an additional risk of data discrepancies. It was therefore decided to automate the process of reporting and processing defects. As part of the project, it was necessary to design and implement a central fault database to allow people to work simultaneously on reported problems.



Key point

Fault handling system for one of the leading manufacturers in the aviation industry.


Fabrity performed a full fault management system on the aircraft. The system consists of a corporate mobile application for working with requests, an administration module designed for desktop devices, and a database storing all information from the system. The mobile application has been developed using PWA (Progressive Web APP) technology, making it compatible with almost all mobile devices. The administration module is mainly designed to work on desktop devices. Only a current web browser is required to use the application. There is no need to install any other components.

The project used a full cycle of analysis and design workshops. The design workshops held on site were essential for the initial sourcing of requirements. In the subsequent stages of the analysis, application prototypes (“High-fidelity prototype”) were developed that were a faithful reflection of the planned solutions. This stage allowed additional comments and requirements to be gathered and enabled solutions to be tested before production. By observing user behaviour in real-time, interfaces and functionalities could be refined. This allowed us to create a tailored product and also gave us the opportunity to start development work. The implementation team received a very precise specification based on the prototype. This had an impact on the speed of delivery and the quality of the product.

The frontend side of the project used VUE.js, VUEX, VUETIFY, Chartis.js, Puppeteer technologies. The backend website was supported by the .NET Framework and SQL Server.

The application has been integrated with the client’s systems. End users are authorised and the authorisation and login process takes place using SSO domain authentication mechanisms.
The application was deployed to a test environment and underwent final testing on target tablets and in a real-world aircraft fault logging environment in hangars.


The customer gained a modern tool that removed bottlenecks in the process of recording and monitoring defects on aircraft.

The application developed allows the fault log to be accessed from anywhere and any number of users to work with it. The accessibility of the defects database has been increased and the flow of information between the departments responsible for defect rectification has been improved. The system also enables quick access to history and reduces the team’s involvement in paper versions of documentation.

The client has gained an application that is integrated with its current systems. The entire solution was implemented on the client’s internal resources and is under the control of designated employees.

The client gained time which was spent on transferring data from paper forms to the electronic version. This has significantly streamlined the process of quality control and defect recording.

The improvements introduced thanks to the first version of the system turned out to be so great that it was decided to further develop the business functionality project of the created solutions.

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