Register of insurance intermediaries

The system consists of a register of agents and a register of brokers and is widely available. One of the main elements is the search engine available to all, which allows you to search for entities in both registers. This data is public following the provisions of the Insurance Distribution Act. The register uses an application that has been in the public market for a long time and has been modified and updated as part of our project for KNF. In addition to the public register, an application has been built for market operators to register and process submitted applications. In addition, for the purpose of working with the entire register and applications, an internal part of the register for operators has been built, which automates the processing of applications and work with the register itself.


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Key point

We have created a Register of Insurance Intermediaries collecting data on insurance agents and brokers.


Preparing an application that is crucial for such a large public institution as KNF and the entire insurance market is a challenge for any supplier. In the case of our project, an additional complication was the migration of data from the previous register and the integration with external systems such as ePUAP. The entire solution was prepared in modern tools and based on a process platform. Also the preparation of the interfaces and the internal part of the system for the employees of KNF required an increased emphasis on the analysis stage and a modification of the standard design approach. It should also be added that the solution was created in the environment of changing regulations to the Act, which increased the degree of uncertainty and complexity of the project. In the end, a multi-module application that meets the requirements of the Insurance Distribution Act was developed. It works in both Polish and English. The solution replaced a long-established system that had previously operated using a completely different technology. The process of handling applications by operators has been optimised by automating possible work on the platform. The external part was separated from the main register and secured in accordance with current security standards in public institutions. It also undergoes regular security audits to confirm the correctness of procedures and safeguards.


The project began with a number of workshop meetings with the client, during which our team of business analysts conducted a thorough analysis of the materials provided and the previous version of the system. We learnt in detail the specifics of the operators’ work in the Supervisory Authority and the key issues in the operation of the register. The Act of 11 September 2015 on insurance and reinsurance activity and the regulations arising to this Act were also a key determinant. The meetings were attended by various stakeholder groups. In parallel, a precise plan and timetable for the execution of the work was developed. The unfavourable conditions for this project include tight deadlines for the launch of the registry and related modules. As an experienced team we were able to meet expectations by organising the project well at every stage.


The solution developed by Fabrity allowed the company to build a new web-based application and solutions for the broker registry. This has reduced the requirements for end-users to use the system. Thanks to the chosen technology and the move to a browser-based client interface, most of the application processing processes have been optimised. The main business logic is based on the reliable process engine of the K2 Five platform and the interfaces connected to this engine are made in REACT technology. No software needs to be installed to use the solution and a team of KNF employees watches over the correct and undisturbed operation of the entire system.

Why Fabrity was chosen to work with

Our experience in working with process platforms allowed us to deliver a solution that met the submitted business requirements of the public institution. In addition, the portfolio of projects we have completed for a wide range of industries and public institutions has allowed us to realise such a large-scale solution. Another important requirement we met was that we could provide support for the system for 12 months after implementation. The entire production process was preceded by a thorough analysis. It was carried out in numerous workshops and allowed the requirements to be collected that the target solution is to meet. As an experienced supplier, we were able to provide the right personnel at every stage of production and afterwards.

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