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The Client reported a need to adapt the web portal to the latest design standards, including enabling convenient use of the site on mobile devices. A transparent and intuitive portal was to serve as a virtual guide to the attractions of Copernicus Science Centre. The need to make it easier for visitors to buy tickets and organise their visit was also stressed. The new on-line booking path was intended not only to be more user-friendly for the site’s users, but also to ease the burden on the centre’s checkouts and reduce user enquiries.

The previous version of the portal was created many years ago by K2 Group, but the growth of content and attractions required a reorganisation of the architecture. It was necessary to take a fresh look at the site’s target group and adapt the purchasing process to their needs.


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We have again created a website for the Copernicus Science Centre.


The Client had a UX audit that served as the basis for the portal redesign. The analysis of these materials allowed us to define the most important problems faced by users using the site. The key areas revised were the homepage, the presentation of the offer, and the ticket purchase path.

The work resulted in simplified information architecture. Reduction of items in the main navigation. Collection of all attractions into one coherent programme, where the attractions were divided according to the way of visiting (active exploration – exhibitions, passive – planetarium and shows, and non-ticketed events taking place cyclically or on a one-off basis).

A new ticketing path has been designed that guides the user step-by-step through the process – regardless of device. When designing this area, mechanisms known from e-commerce solutions were used to provide users with a comfortable shopping experience. Naturally, the website has been adapted to mobile devices and dynamically adapts to all screens and resolutions, which does not affect the purchase path followed by future visitors to the CSC. It is also worth mentioning that the design was inspired by the new visual identity, thanks to which the whole harmoniously fits together and is pleasant to look at. The technological layer uses technologies that ensure high performance of the solution, which not only has a positive impact on the user experience and security, but also helps to rank better in search engine results.


As a result of the work carried out, the information architecture of the Copernicus Science Centre portal was completely redesigned, making it more visitor-friendly. Changes have been proposed to the ticketing process and it has been brought up to the standards found in e-commerce systems without losing the spirit of CSC. The whole site has been adapted to the latest design trends. The performance of the website was also improved, which positively influences the interaction with the system and facilitates the positioning of the website in web browsers.

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