Building a low-code application for master data approval


dormakaba—a Switzerland-based global company providing access control and security solutions for buildings and rooms.



Business goal

Ensure integration of the master data approval process between the company and its newly acquired and merged subsidiary.

What our client says

Working with Fabrity for the past few years, dormakaba has gained a valuable and reliable partner. Together, we have successfully executed numerous projects in the web application area, leveraging the K2 platform. Besides that, Fabrity also provides support services in daily operations, ensuring reliability and availability of the solutions. dormakaba recommends Fabrity as a trusted professional partner for IT projects in the K2 and web application area requiring the best development and management skills. Solutions delivered by Fabrity bring significant value to the organization not only through the newest and most suitable technologies used, but also through professional business analysis and consulting.

How we helped

  • Performed an in-depth analysis of all business processes and workflows covered by the legacy system used in an acquired company.
  • Chose K2 low-code platform to build a lightweight, performant, and easy-to-manage master data approval application (MDMGo).
  • Split the development process into five sprints due to the broad set of business processes to be covered.
  • First, developed the most critical processes to ensure business continuity during the merger of a newly acquired company and shorten the time-to-market of an app.
  • Implemented several functional processes like customer, vendor, and material master data creation, modification, and mass updates.
  • Developed a flexible approval matrix of a new request (e.g., of master data creation) before it was executed in SAP.
  • Built an interface between Salesforce and the application to allow for an automated end-to-end process for specific workflows.

Business outcome

  • Ensured the continuity of all crucial business processes in a merged company.
  • Reduced IT department involvement in daily task administration.
  • Ensured smooth migration from a legacy solution.
  • Implemented the MDMGo application in an additional dormakaba plant in China.

Technology stack

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