Microsoft Power Platform

Automate your business processes seamlessly

Microsoft Power Platform allows citizen developers to build applications and automate business processes with little or no coding skills.

Additionally, MS Power Platform offers ready-to-use tools and connectors that allow you to extend the functionalities available in Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure solutions customize them to the precise needs of your organization. You can also quickly connect with external data sources and embed dashboards for managers to simplify decision processes.

Build business applications

Extend functionalities of legacy systems

Automate business processes

Create workflows

Analyze data

Microsoft Power Platform architecture


Power Platform Platform services

Power Apps

Build low-code apps from scratch using templates

With Power Apps, you can streamline business processes in your organization. Automation, flows, AI, secure data access, data analysis, and visualization—all this is at your disposal via Power Apps.

You can build three types of apps:

  • Canvas—build fast mobile applications using 275 built-in connectors, allowing you to work with data directly in your app.
  • Model-driven—build responsive apps for every type of device based on data stored in a Dataverse database.
  • Portals—build Internet portals for your external and internal customers based on ready-to-use templates and with no code.


Store and manage your data securely using Microsoft Azure cloud services

Data stored in a Dataverse database can be used in applications built using MS Power Platform. Dataverse offers plenty of standard tables supporting typical business scenarios including sales processes or customer service. You can also create customized tables to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

Dataverse is more than just a database—here you can also create business rules, relations, calculated columns, views, and forms. Additionally, the Power Query mechanism allows you to import data from external sources. One Dataverse database can be used by many applications.

Power Automate

Automate your workflows and processes across different systems and services

By connecting together different systems and services, you can automate your most laborious tasks and optimize your business processes. You can build flows triggered manually, by a specific event, or according to a prepared schedule. Flows can be created using built-in templates or from scratch depending on your actual needs.

Power BI

Analyze and visualize data from different sources

You can consolidate data coming from different sources, clean, and analyze it. Then, you can visualize the analysis results in real time using interactive dashboards. At your disposal, there are 275 external data source connectors. Additionally, you can embed Power BI interactive dashboards in Canvas and Model-driven applications.

Power Virtual Agents

Build and manage chatbots

You can build even complex and customized chatbots that can talk to users, but also act on their behalf. With ready-to-use or customizable connectors available in the Power Automate module, you can integrate our bots with backend products and services used in your everyday work. Additionally, you can search records, semi-personalize conversations, send conversations to agents in real time, or call API.

AI Builder

Optimize your business processes using artificial intelligence

AI models will help you automate manual day-to-day tasks and processes including language detection, text recognition, business card recognition, keyword detection, receipt processing, and many more. AI Builder functionalities can be also used in applications built using Power Apps to make your processes even more productive.

How we can help with your low-code project


Choose right modules and licenses


Build a dedicated project team


Design and develop architecture


Empower the solution with custom code


Integrate the solution with other systems


Run training sessions for citizen developers