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Who we are

Fabrity is a software house specializing in bespoke software development, product design, cloud transformation, and low-code solutions. We help our clients in their digital transformation by providing software development teams covering all skills and project roles:

  • full-stack developers,
  • frontend and backend developers,
  • DevOps,
  • Cloud and QA engineers,
  • UX/UI designers,
  • business analysts,
  • project managers,
  • Scrum masters.


We can help you augment your IT staff to meet the growing demands of your business or build a dedicated team for a complex project. Regardless of the service model you choose, we will support you with our expertise in your digital transformation journey.

Who we work for

The top global manufacturing companies have chosen to realize complex long-term digital transformation projects with us. In fact, 90% of our clients have been working with us for more than five years.

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What our clients say—testimonials

Digital transformation in manufacturing—case studies

Streamlining HR processes in ABB Poland


ABB Poland, part of ABB—a global technology company providing software, power, robotics, as well as automation solutions


Business goal

To streamline HR processes by building a low-code HR platform to replace non-extensible and costly-to-maintain legacy Lotus Notes software

Technology stack

  • K2 blackpearl,
  • K2 SmartObjects,
  • .NET, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sharepoint
  • SAP
  • MuleSoft
  • ReactJS

Business outcome

  • Standardized and simplified HR processes: defined workflows, employee visibility, email notifications, user and roles management
  • Lower costs: the new bespoke solution is less expensive to maintain
  • Extensibility: new functionalities can be easily added
  • Integration: the new platform can be integrated with other low-code solutions used in the company


How we helped

  • Gathered and analyzed functional and technical requirements
  • Analyzed HR processes in legacy software to map them to a new solution
  • Built 11 custom requests covering different HR scenarios (new hire, bonus, contract termination, hybrid work, vacation, etc.) using a low-code solution
  • Built the backend using Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Built the UI of the HR request platform using React.js
  • Integrated the HR request platform with SAP and Active Directory to retrieve employee, manager, and company data
  • Created a different acceptance path for every request type according to ABB’s internal procedures
  • Built a Roles module to manage user permissions across the entire organization
  • Standardized data entered by defining data dictionaries
  • Provided ongoing support and maintenance for more than 3,000 users
Building a low-code system for managing product changes at Liebherr


Liebherr Appliance Division—a global manufacturer of refrigeration and freezer units for residential and professional use  

Business goal

Reduce maintenance costs, enhance user experience, and improve management and scalability by building a new bespoke solution for managing product changes

Technology stack

  • .NET
  • ReactJS
  • K2
  • FastAPP

Business outcome

  • Reduced costs of maintenance and further development
  • Fewer errors in the process thanks to automation and standardization
  • Enhanced user experience thanks to the new UI
  • Better scalability of the solution, which can handle thousands of users simultaneously
  • Quick onboarding to the process for new employees
  • Integration with the company’s internal systems


How we helped

  • Gathered and analyzed business requirements
  • Conducted workshops with the client
  • Built a clickable prototype of the solution
  • Tested a solution prototype to verify business requirements
  • Worked in iterations according to agile methodology
  • Used low-code platforms—FastAPP (Fabrity’s own low-code platform) and K2—to build automations, workflows, reminders, and notifications
  • Used micro frontends for UI to enhance the low-code solution with custom components
  • Conducted QA of the final solution
Building a low-code application for master data approval


dormakaba—a Switzerland-based global company providing access control and security solutions for buildings and rooms


Business goal

Integrate the master data approval process between the company and its newly acquired and merged subsidiary

Technology stack

  • K2
  • C#
  • .NET Framework
  • ASP .NET Web API
  • SQL Server
  • ReactJS
  • Redux

Business outcome

  • Ensured the continuity of all crucial business processes in a merged company.
  • Reduced IT department involvement in daily task administration.
  • Ensured smooth migration from a legacy solution.
  • Implemented the MDMGo application in an additional dormakaba plant in China.


How we helped

  • Performed an in-depth analysis of all business processes and workflows covered by the legacy system used in an acquired company.
  • Chose the K2 low-code platform to build a lightweight, performant, and easy-to-manage master data approval application (MDMGo).
  • Split the development process into five sprints due to the broad set of business processes to be covered.
  • First, developed the most critical processes to ensure business continuity during the merger of a newly acquired company and shorten the time-to-market of an app.
  • Implemented several functional processes such as customer, vendor, and material master data creation, modification, and mass updates.
  • Developed a flexible approval matrix of a new request (e.g., of master data creation) before it was executed in SAP.
  • Built an interface between Salesforce and the application to allow for an automated end-to-end process for specific workflows.
Building a system to record and monitor aircraft defects


A leading manufacturer in the aviation industry

Business goal

Ensure quality, increase work efficiency and enhance monitoring by automating the entire process of reporting and processing aircraft defects

Technology stack

  • VUE.js
  • VUEX
  • Chartis.js
  • Puppeteer. .NET
  • MS SQL Server

Business outcome

  • Ensured quality: an error-prone manual process was replaced by an automated one.
  • Reduced manual work: a digital system replaced paper forms.
  • Improved work efficiency: people from different departments can work simultaneously on reported problems.
  • Shortened resolution time: engineers spend less time on defect elimination.
  • Ensured data accessibility: fault logs can be accessed from anywhere and by any number of users.
  • Ensured ease-of-use: the application can be used on almost all mobile devices, and a desktop module can be accessed via a web browser—no need to install any other components.


How we helped

  • Performed a full cycle of analysis and design workshops.
  • Gathered the initial requirements to design a digital transformation strategy.
  • Built a high-fidelity prototype of the solution.
  • Gathered feedback from end users.
  • Refined the design and functionalities.
  • Developed a corporate mobile application.
  • Developed an administration module for desktop devices.
  • Designed and implemented a central fault database storing all information from the system.
  • Develop an authentication and login process based on SSO domain authentication mechanisms.
  • Integrated the solution with the client’s systems.
  • Performed testing in the real work environment in hangars.
  • Deployed the solution on the client’s premises.
Building a system for backward tracking of parts and finished products


An international manufacturer operating in the automotive industry

Business goal

Ensure product quality by enhancing the process of tracking of parts and finished products

Technology stack

  • .NET
  • MS SQL Server
  • SSIS
  • Telerik

Business outcome

  • Ensured quality: the system allows to quickly find the root cause of any detected anomaly.
  • Enhanced monitoring: the system monitors millions of parts, whose data are processed in the system, and collects historical data.
  • Saved time: searching for information takes less time.
  • Improved searchability: the system has some 50 complex search criteria available in four independent search engines.


How we helped

  • Provided a hybrid development team: developers and a Scrum master from Fabrity worked closely with the client’s product owners and a project manager.
  • Organized the work according to Scrum guidelines.
  • Gathered the system requirements.
  • Organized a series of workshops with clients and suppliers.
  • Built a system that collected data from various sources (legacy production control system, SAP, and production execution system), integrated it, and created a data warehouse.
  • Built a search engine allowing car parts to be searched for on machining lines, assembly lines, in finished parts warehouses, and in products shipped to clients.

Our services

Software engineering

For our enterprise clients, we build bespoke software solutions helping them to start a digital transformation process in their companies. Our software covers both core aspects of their business (production processes monitoring, quality monitoring), as well as daily operations of legal, finance, marketing, and HR departments.

Product design

With us you can take your product from idea to reality. We offer comprehensive UX consulting services starting from UX research, through defining, ideation (UX/UI design), to web and mobile development. We also provide support and maintenance services.



Low-code solutions, digital process automation (DPA), and robotic process automation (RPA)—all of these are parts of our automation and hyperautomation toolset. With them, we help our clients in their digital transformation journey to automate their business processes, reduce costs and manual labor, as well as ensure compliance with industry and legal regulations.


Since cloud computing is one of the pillars of Industry 4.0, we help companies in their cloud transformation, advising on best strategy and solutions. We design cloud infrastructure, plan and execute cloud migration, build cloud-based software, and provide cloud managed services.

Values we offer

We provide an end-to-end service ensuring your costs are optimized and all risks are covered.

Build cross-functional teams with all roles and skills covered, in under four weeks.

Choose the contractual model and service model that best suit your business.

Pay only for the software functionalities delivered.

Get advice on team composition, size, and seniority level; solution architecture; and project backlog.

Cover all risks: underperformance, absences, security, confidentiality, and GDPR requirements.

Ensure the best working conditions for your team: project onboarding, upskilling, best practices, and boosting motivation and engagement.

Work with a partner that provides hardware, software licenses, and office space (if needed).

Service models

We offer different service models to match your business requirements.

A dedicated team managed by Fabrity

  • Build a cross-functional team with all roles and skills covered.
  • Benefit from our tools, processes, best practices, and infrastructure.
  • Use a quoted time and materials (QT&M) model based on the volume of software delivered.

A team managed by the client

  • Scale up your project team with our IT experts according to your current needs.
  • We make sure your developers have everything to start working immediately (hardware, software licenses, ensured security, and GDPR requirements).
  • Use a time and materials contract (T&M) with contracted flexibility.

A hybrid team

  • Blend our experts with your team to strengthen it with the skills you need.
  • Benefit from our software development best practices and processes.
  • Use either a quoted time and materials (QT&M) or time and materials (T&M) model depending on how leadership roles are split between your team and our experts.

Software development hubs

  • Set up your virtual software development hub quickly.
  • Access the tech talent pool available in the CEE region.
  • Scale up and down without incurring upfront costs.

How we work

Technology stack

We build project teams with software engineers who have expertise in leading or niche technologies.

Enterprise software development:


Web software development:


Mobile software development:


Data engineering:

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