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About the service

Off-the-shelf solutions have some serious drawbacks: no customization, vendor lock-in, lack of important features. This can limit the development of your business. Bespoke software development is the right answer to these challenges.
At Fabrity, we develop bespoke software for top global brands. In 10+ years, we delivered many projects for the clients coming from different industries. We have necessary expertise and understand challenges our clients face.

Service scope

Enterprise bespoke software development

Leverage your business with a custom-made solution developed according to your precise needs. Empower your employees with new possibilities to work smarter.

Enterprise mobile applications

Speed up work and allocate assets more efficiently using the potential of mobile devices, whilst ensuring high level of security.

Software integration

Integrate your applications and systems to process data more effectively and speed up work by eliminating repeatable tasks.

Legacy application migration

Migrate your legacy applications to the newest technology. Ensure their security, increase efficiency and optimize costs, whilst providing better functionalities for your employees.


Digital transformation

Use our industry-specific knowledge to create and modify your business processes according to market demands, and secure your company’s positions for upcoming challenges.


Data management

Turn your data into knowledge harnessing the newest technologies such as machine learning, data mining, cognitive analysis, and AI. We will help you prepare the best reports that will allow you to understand the knowledge behind your data.


Cost reduction

Develop and pay only for functionalities you really require.

Consistent technology stack

Make sure your technology stack is suitable for your needs and meets the highest standards.

Continuous development

Easily add new functionalities and expand the system according to emerging needs.

Data consistency

Be sure that integrations do not threaten your data consistency and the organization’s knowledge repositories.

Advanced security

Secure your systems according to the highest IT standards and easily apply new security updates.

Process optimization

Align processes and data flows with your business needs.

Technology stack

Our technical expertise in enterprise software development.

Enterprise software development cycle

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Digital advisory

We start with the evaluation of your current business processes to identify main bottlenecks and pain points. Then, we prepare an optimization plan.

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Software design

Once the initial business analysis is ready, we design software architecture, plan its integration with other systems in your company, design UI.

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Bespoke software development

Bespoke software will definitely better address your specific business needs than standard off-the-shelf solutions. Additionally, a custom solution offers more flexibility when it comes to its updates, integrations, and developing new functionalities.

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Software quality assurance (SQA)

Software quality assurance is not just about testing. It is an entire mindset aiming at ensuring high quality at every stage of the software development process. We prepare test cases, conduct both manual and automatic testing, prepare detailed reports—all this to avoid problems once the software is in production.

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Software deployment

We cover all the deployment-related tasks: data migration, ensuring business continuity, preparing environments to implementation, software deployment, maintenance and user support. We closely cooperate with the client’s IT teams.

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Managed services

Once your software is deployed, we focus on maintenance and monitoring to ensure everything works smoothly and user issues are solved quickly.

Why to work with Fabrity?

Fabrity is a software house that provide software development services and complex IT solutions, partnering enterprise and most innovative companies in their digital transformation journey. We are not a recruitment company.

Balanced project teams

We can propose fully-organized, competent and balanced project teams available at the same time. You don’t need to recruit person by person and build a team on your own.

Project teams in 2-4 weeks

We can build project teams in 2-4 weeks from the request till effective start (provided there are no niche requirements).

We will secure your risks

We will secure your risks in regards to team onboarding, effective work organization, team performance, absence management or scalability.

Added value

We can provide a lot of added value if needed, in regards to software development processes and practices, tools, environments or cloud tenants, devices, etc.

Truly effective hybrid teams

You can choose a’la carte from project roles on our side and build truly effective hybrid teams.

Responsibility for the performance

We will take responsibility for the team performancethe remuneration is based on team Sprints or a volume of software delivered and expressed in “story points” (Quoted Time & Means model).

Significant advantages

You will gain a significant cost advantage compared to your local partners, but most of all, best-in-class quality.

Team motivation

We keep our teams motivated by providing many paths for professional growth, including the Fabrity Academy program and the Fabrity Labs coding days.

Software hubs

At Fabrity we organize tailored and scalable software hubs for most demanding and innovative companies. When you suffer from significant lack of quality IT personnel, you may choose a strategy to make use the potential of IT engineers from CEE region. This approach brings big potential to grow and benefits from great talent pool. However, when you choose to setup a new legal entity and on-site branch to lunch a software hub, it brings a big investment, time consumption, requires expensive advisory and puts a lot of risk on the table.

With Fabrity you will setup your own virtual software hub in weeks. You benefit from:


Short timeframe, setup of first project teams in ~4 weeks.


High scalability with a trusted partner.

Talent pool

Access to a volume talent pool, top-notch, experienced, engineers and designers.

No initial investment

Low risk, no initial investment needed – you pay only for accepted work delivered

Everything’s up and running

IT infrastructure and devices, office space, practices and tools, compliance, security, team management, contracts management.

Remarkable cost advantage

Usually 20-70% off.

Added value

When building software development hubs, we deliver a lot of added value, having an up and running complete framework that requires no investments from you to start.

Processes & practices

The Team



Cooperation models

We offer different cooperation models to allow you to choose the scenario that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Team managed by Fabrity

Give the entire responsibility for the project delivery to Fabrity. We will build a cross-functional team with all roles and competences covered. Plug and play with tools, processes, and practices or infrastructure required for development, QA and staging. Use quoted Time&Means model based on performance or volume of software delivered.



Hybrid team

Build a hybrid team with different project roles covered by Fabrity and your employees. Scale up your project team and establish seamless knowledge transfer in both directions. Benefit from selected software development practices and processes or be flexible when scaling infrastructure. Use either quoted Time&Means or Time&Means model, depending on a split leadership roles between two sides.



Team managed by client

Scale up your project teams with top-notch IT engineers from Fabrity. Be flexible when scaling up and down according to your current project needs. Benefit from the all-inclusive model with devices and licenses for each developer, secured compliance, network security and GDPR. Use Time&Means model with contracted flexibility.



How we work


Contact us

Ask for a quote for your project scope.


Discovery session

Setup an initial discovery session in the next three days.



Receive a proposal with technical strategy, backlog definition, team sizing, and budget estimates.



Review and sign off a contract based on SCRUM approach depending on how well defined your project scope is.



Start a project with a dedicated team.


Long-term cooperation

Cooperate with a team in a fully transparent way, receive project deliverables in iterations as planned.

Need support with your software development project?

Get in touch to see how we can help.


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