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React allows you to build even the most complex websites and web applications using reusable components, just like Lego bricks. You can, therefore, save time and money whilst ensuring high performance, SEO optimization, and usability.

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Building a virtual clinic to diagnose patients with suspected COVID-19 infection


Building a virtual clinic to diagnose patients with suspected COVID-19 infection


Redesigning a website and transaction system for a top bank


Redesigning a website and transaction system for a top bank

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Frequently asked questions

React (also called React.js) is a JavaScript library that allows you to build user interfaces and UI components for single-page applications. Originally created by Facebook, it was made open-source in 2013 and is now maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies.
React is used for handling the view layer and can, therefore, be used for building web pages and web apps.
  • Increased performance—you do not have to render the entire web page whilst changing one component.
  • Shorter time-to-market—you can build web pages or mobile apps faster thanks to a comprehensive library of ready-to-use components.
  • Reusable components—you can save time and money whilst developing your website or web app.
  • SEO optimization—you can increase your web page performance and thereby boost its SEO.
  • Support from a large community—React is already a mature technology with well-established best practices and a large community of developers.
Definitely frontend—React is a JavaScript frontend library used to build user interfaces (UIs) for websites or web apps. React is exclusively used to create such UI elements as buttons, menus, search bars, i.e., all the elements that users will see on screen in their browsers.
No, React is not a programming language. It is a declarative JavaScript library that allows you to build UI for websites or web applications using smaller pieces of code called components. React is also not a framework.

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