FastAPP by Fabrity

Streamline you day-to-day business operations

FastAPP by Fabrity is a low-code platform that allows citizen developers to build applications to streamline and optimize business processes in their organizations.

FastAPP by Fabrity does not require coding skills—everything can be designed using a visual interface that allows you to can build an app, manage business processes and workflows, and integrate with external ERP and CRM systems using API. The platform is designed as a Single Point Application (SPA) to ensure high performance and a positive user experience.

Create automated workflows

Build unlimited number of business apps

Ensure high performance

Implement custom code when needed

Integrate with legacy systems using REST API

FastAPP architecture

FastAPP is designed according to the hexagonal architecture principle. The domain layer (objects and business logic) is separated from the application layer. Communication with the user interface and infrastructure is performed through ports and adapters (API interfaces).

FastAPP contains built-in modules (Tasks, Task forms, Repository, Role management, Acceptance paths, Administration). Access to these modules is based on the role assigned to the user.

Forms and documents

Define document easily and build forms to collect data required for documents. Ready-to-use elements and sections will speed up the process. Introduce dependencies and the layout of your choice.


Use FastAPP document repository to define fields used to search documents and adjust the search according to the access level. Run any query you want using an advanced but easy-to-use search engine.


Create advanced tasks with complex functionalities including passing to groups or users, redirecting, escalating, and replacing. Ensure that only relevant tasks are shown to users and your data are safe.


Build digital workflows with a complex multilevel acceptance matrix and conditions based on requirements and user privileges. Combine workflow with tasks to increase the efficiency of your organization and track areas that need improvement. Define workflows independently of document types.


Integrate FastAPP with your legacy systems seamlessly using REST API.

REST API allows fast integration involving any system capabilities. This symmetrical integration may be triggered by several events (e.g., workflow fulfillment) or launched based on a schedule.

Application lifecycle

Manage your application lifecycle, keeping track of its versions and all changes introduced. Sandbox environments allow you to safely build, test, and deploy apps to production.

Custom code

Implement your custom code in virtually all elements of the platform (process, event, form, button) to cover business scenarios that cannot be covered by built-in scenarios.

How we can help with your low-code project


Choose right modules and licenses


Build a dedicated project team


Design and develop architecture


Empower the solution with custom code


Integrate the solution with other systems


Run training sessions for citizen developers


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