We are helping in the digital transformation of the Polish healthcare system. We designed “Internetowe Konto Pacjenta”  – Patient Online Account (IKP) for 38 million Poles.

For the National Centre for Health Information Systems (CSIOZ), a budget unit of the Ministry of Health, we designed a user interface of the Patient Online Account.

The IKP service, available at, will be the online health record of every citizen of our country. All information about medical appointments, prescriptions, prescribed and purchased medicines, referrals and tests performed will gradually be moved to the Internet.

Some of these functions are already available in the service, which can be logged in using the Trusted Profile or electronic banking systems of many Polish banks.

The IKP service is a huge IT project. It is being created in stages, with development work planned until 2020.


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Patient Online Account (IKP) for 38 million Poles.

Stage 0 - Concept of the target state

In the first phase of the work we prepared various concepts of the user interface, presenting what the final version of IKP could look like with all planned functions. At that stage we did not yet know all the conditions of the system. The idea was to develop an overall vision that could be directionally accepted by the Ministry of Health. Ultimately, two different developments emerged:

“Timeline” version – based on the idea of a timeline on which the user’s medical events (medical appointments, examinations, treatments, etc.) are placed. These events have related documents attached, such as prescriptions and referrals, or test results.

“Dashboard” version – presenting information relevant to the user in the form of widgets placed on the desktop.



At this stage we also made recommendations on the site’s domain name and colour scheme. In the end, the “Timeline” version was chosen. It was also decided that IKP’s graphic design should refer to the style of the new Polish government website –

Stage 1 - e-prescriptions

In the first production sprint we designed the e-prescription functionality. This is one of the key e-services implemented as part of the ongoing process of computerisation of the healthcare sector in Poland.

The electronic prescription simplifies the drugs buying procedure. From now on, every doctor can issue them electronically. As a result, pharmacy staff will always be able to read the doctor’s instructions and it will be impossible for patients to lose their e-prescriptions. There are many significant benefits associated with the implementation of electronic prescribing, which will affect all stakeholders in the process of issuing (medical staff), dispensing (patient, pharmacies) and control and billing (state).

From 1 January 2020, all prescriptions in Poland will be compulsorily issued in an electronic form.

In addition to preparing e-prescriptions, as part of the first stage of the project we worked out general design principles – how the navigation will work, how the site will behave on different user screen resolutions (RWD version), how we will expand it in stages, etc.

Due to a very wide group of recipients of the service, which are all Poles, it was extremely important to prepare a solution that would be easy to use and available on all devices and for all users, including the disabled, e.g. with visual dysfunctions (compliance with WCAG requirements).

Stage 2 - appointments, referrals, medication, authorisations

In the second phase of the project, we extended the IKP interface with further useful functions. We have added the history of visits and hospital treatment reimbursed by the National Health Fund (the database of all visits will be gradually developed). Patients will be able to see a list of referrals and track their status. In addition to being able to view prescriptions issued, the system will include an easily accessible list of all reimbursable medicines purchased by the patient (from January 2019, all medicines purchased on prescription). It will allow patients to quickly check what medicine you have bought, in what dosage you have taken it and when.

We also designed the process for assigning IKP authorisations to third parties. In IKP, you will be able to select what information the person should have access to, when, and to which documents and events from the selected period. Also, patients will see a list of authorisations held and a list of charges/guardians in the case of children’s accounts.

Any medical professional will be able to access medical history if granted. This change will allow doctors to diagnose more quickly and choose the best treatment. All thanks to complete and immediate information about past illnesses, provisions, medications, etc.

The Patient Online Account will continue to be gradually extended with new services in subsequent stages. The project aims to facilitate the lives of patients and the work of medical staff, and consequently to raise the quality of healthcare in Poland.

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