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About the service

At Fabrity, we know that building digital products and services from the ground up requires a great deal of research, analysis, and prototyping to find the solution that will bring the best business results.
Therefore, we offer comprehensive UX consulting services starting from UX research, through defining, ideation (UX/UI design), to web and mobile development. We also provide support and maintenance services.

High performance. Reusable components. SEO optimization. Usability.

Our key clients

Over 50 corporate clients have benefited from our solutions. We focus on long-term relationships: 90% of our clients have been working with us for more than five years.
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Service scope

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UX consulting

  • Briefing—mind mapping, idea creation workshops, business needs identification.
  • Analysis of data—heatmaps, marketing data, user data, interviews with stakeholders, desk research, identification of critical customer journeys.
  • Research—in-depth interviews (IDIs) with end users, workshops, audit, providing benchmark solutions, surveys, prototyping; all this to identify pain points and touch points, validate all concepts, and choose the implementation of the best solution in terms of cost effectiveness.
  • Solution and information architecture—designing a product/service information architecture and final recommendation of technology resulting in the creation of the documentation ready to be used in the project (e.g., in the form of a service blueprint).

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Product UI design and UX validation

  • Moodboarding—defining the overall style of the product/service and its colors, fonts, and visual effects.
  • Visualization of concept—preparing high-fidelity wireframes for both desktop and mobile users.
  • Building UX prototypes—validation of different concepts, validation of main and supporting customer journeys, usability testing, and accessibility testing.

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Graphic design

  • Creating the actual UI of the product/service together with style guides or a design system.
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Usability testing and optimization in pre-release phase

  • Checking how end users see the solution and ironing out all the details.
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Coding, support, and maintenance

  • Developing the product/service, deploying it to the cloud (private or public) or on premises, providing technical support and maintenance.

Dive deeper into the UX/UI world

Motion UI: enhancing UX

Static web pages or apps are clearly a song of the past. Animations are what users want now. Motion U can help you build them into your website or an app.

Why us

At Fabrity, we design and build digital products. Regardless if it is a piece of web software, a mobile application, or a minimum viable product (MVP), our dedicated Digital Products division can help you:

  • take your product from idea to reality
  • create an appealing and user-friendly design
  • ensure seamless and secure release to the market
  • provide support and maintenance for an already-released product.


We know how to design and build digital products and services

You can count on our expertise when it comes to web and mobile apps, as well as UX and technological consulting. When building a digital product, we apply a mobile-first approach and e-commerce attitude in all kinds of business functions, whilst ensuring that our solutions conform to accessibility requirements.


We have experience in many industries

Having successfully delivered many projects for fintech, medtech, martech and e-commerce companies, we know the industry-specific requirements and how to make your product or service profitable.


Our success story

Apart from generating profits for our clients, our work is also appreciated by a wider audience. In recent years, we have won over 160 awards in categories including creation, digital product design, technology, strategy, and business impact. Among others, we have won:

KTR Awards
Innovation Awards
Kreatura Awards
Effie Awards
nominations in Cannes


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Featured case studies

Building a new transactional website for a leading Polish bank.

Instead of many different digital platforms dedicated to different products, the client wanted to create an omnichannel platform providing the same user experience regardless of the device used. To achieve this, we:

  • conducted in-depth interviews with the bank’s customers,
  • designed information architecture,
  • built a Minimum Viable Product (MVP),
  • created a style guide to ensure design coherence.

Building a virtual clinic to help safely diagnose patients with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Using a questionnaire and without leaving their homes, patients can check if their symptoms suggest that they could have been infected with SARS-CoV-2. In such cases, they were contacted by a physician to take the necessary additional steps. In the course of the project, we:

  • analyzed the client’s needs,
  • prepared website mock-ups,
  • built a website.

Designing and building an e-commerce platform for a leading retail company.

Our client, Carrefour, wanted to build a new sales platform called Marketplace to merge two existing sites, combining online and offline sales. Additionally, the platform was to allow the sales of both the client’s products and the products offered by its retail partners. To achieve this, we:

  • designed homepage and navigation flow,
  • designed the shopping process,
  • balanced the offer between online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Designing and building a website for one of the largest independent banks in Switzerland.

The challenge consisted of creating the bank’s website in five languages while ensuring its security and compliance with Swiss and international regulations. During the two-year project, we:

  • built a global website based on Drupal,
  • ensured its security,
  • optimized the website and integrated it with internal systems.

Need support in building or improving your digital product?

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see how we help. During the consultation, we will:

  • gather more info about the business challenge you want to solve,
  • advise on best digital transformation strategy,
  • decide on next steps.

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