UiPath Platform

Fabrity implements Robotic Process Automation based on UiPath Platform, a recognized world-leading RPA platform.


The platform is open for extensions provided by partners, allowing for great integration with field or industry-specific solutions and building an advanced ecosystem of integrated robotization.

Quick return on investment

Maturity of tools used for design and deployment of automation solutions, specific implementation methodology allows quick and visible business benefits and taking a decision to scale up based on tangible results.


Built-in integration with trending vendors and services such as iOCR (intelligent OCR), NLP, machine learning, data science and process automation, allows to create advanced and intelligent automation solutions.


Robotisation implementation can be scaled up to subsequent business field and processes that obviously can be automated. Deployments can be polished in the respect of reaching optimal relation between automation level and cost of manual actions. Amount of work can be increased by the number of robots working in “attended” mode, which means they are under the human control.


Security certification for the scenarios based on cloud computing. Robots work in a fully secure way in distributed environment. Auditability of tasks performed by robots.

UiPath platform functionality

UiPath Platform is a set of tools and technologies that allow building RPA solutions which support humans in doing routine and repeatable tasks.

UiPath platform functionality

UiPath platform components

UiPath Studio

Design automating solutions.
- Designer
- Reusable components library
- Solutions templates
- Built-in extensions (OCR and cognitive services)
- Recording robots work
- Customization
- Designing own extensions
- Debugging
- Teamwork support

UiPath Orchestrator

Manage the work of thousands of robots.
- “On-prem” or cloud implementations
- Advanced analytics
- Robots work detailed audit
- Running many instances in parallel
- Tracking robots work and workload
- Project versioning
- Performance management
- Remote control over robots in "unattended" mode
- Credentials management
- Management of work queues and scheduling
- Exception handling
- Scalability

UiPath Robot

Deploy robots cooperating with humans or working fully automatically.
- Contextual information scrapped directly from the screen of business applications
- Automatic processing data from the screen of business applications
- Automation of data exchange with business systems through API
- Intelligent image recognition
- Automatic processing and sending e-mail messages
- Automatic work with MS Office files
- Silent mode within user session or as an individual session
- Remote control over robots work
- Flexible integration with LoB systems through API
- Seamless work with GUI of LoB systems
- Advanced domain-specific systems integration (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Siebel, Peoplesoft)
- Integration with mainframe and Citrix

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